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FOR 2863 - Traceable Terahertz Transceivers (B2)

The B2 project of Meteracom focuses on the signal traceability in electronic THz analog transmit and receive frontends, including their functional building blocks for wideband THz signal generation, translation, amplification and sampling. The main objectives in phase II are to expand the transceiver functionalities towards the traceability of ...

Duration: 01/2022 - 12/2024

Funded by: DFG

Contact: Meysam Bahmanian

TRR 358 - Integral structures in geometry and representation theory

Integral structures arise in many places throughout mathematics: as lattices in Euclidean space, as integral models of reductive groups and algebraic schemes, or as integral representations of groups and associative algebras. Even questions about the most basic example of an integral structure, the ring of integers Z, very soon lead into the fields ...

Duration: 01/2022 - 12/2026

Funded by: DFG

3DSE / MB - Certification-compliant impact chain modeling for the automotive industry

Due to future technologies such as autonomous driving, automotive manufacturers in Germany are faced with the challenge of securing software updates and identifying negative effects on other subsystems and system components. The Chair of Product Development supports several large German automotive manufacturers in the certification-compliant ...

Duration: 01/2022 - 12/2024

Funded by: Industrie

Mathematik aufholen nach Corona

Duration: 01/2022 - 06/2023

Computational Support for Learning Argumentative Writing in Digital School Education

In dem interdisziplinären DFG-Projekt „Computational Support for Learning Argumentative Writing in Digital School Education“ werden algorithmische Methoden für die automatische Analyse argumentativer Lernertexte entwickelt. Ziel ist es, auf dieser Grundlage computerbasiertes entwicklungsorientiertes und lernersensitives Feedback zur Struktur der a

Duration: 01/2022 - 12/2024

Funded by: DFG

Covid-19 as amplifier of social inequality- SMall ARea Analyses with German neighborhood Data

In this project we seek to understand the role of disadvantaged neighborhoods with low average socio-economic status of their inhabitants. Individuals in low-income neighborhoods are often assumed to have limited possibilities to avoid contacting people infected with Sars-Cov2. This can be due to bad housing situations (e.g., more individuals live ...

Duration: 01/2022 - 12/2022

Funded by: DFG

MINTS - MLL-based Integrated THz Frequency Synthesizers

In the project MINTS we investigate and demonstrate electronic-photonic THz frequency synthesizer architectures which conform to the requirements of integration in silicon photonics (SiPh) and/or Indium Phosphite (InP) photonic technology. Building on the excellent spectral properties of mode-locked lasers (MLL) it is the target to achieve a jitter ...

Duration: 01/2022 - 12/2024

Funded by: DFG

Sustainability-Optimized Life Cycle Assessment of Technologically Highly Complex Products Using the Example of Automotive Lighting

In the NALYSES project, a sustainability-optimized life cycle of highly complex technological products is to be realized. Already in the development process, reparability and reusability after the product's end of life (through material recovery and reuse of entire assemblies) are to be taken into account, which requires the development of novel ...

Duration: 01/2022 - 12/2025

Funded by: BMBF

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FiBSS - Fortschritt in und durch Bewegung, Spiel und Sport im Ganztag – Entwicklung und Evaluation einer Qualifizierungsmaßnahme für das Ganztagspersonal an Grundschulen zur Bewegungsförderung von Grundschüler*innen

Dem vorliegenden Projekt liegen grundsätzlich drei gesellschaftliche bzw. empirische Entwicklungen zu Grunde: (1) Die z. T. alarmierenden Befunde zum Bewegungsstatus von Grundschüler*innen, (2) die nachgewiesenen positiven Zusammenhänge von Bewegung, Lernen und Entwicklung sowie (3) der ab 2026 (schrittweise) geltende Anspruch auf einen ...

Duration: 01/2022 - 12/2024

Begleitstudie zur Einführung des AStA-Kulturtickets an der Universität Paderborn

Im Wintersemester 2022/2023 hat der Allgemeine Studierendenausschuss (AStA) der Universität Paderborn das sogenannte „Kulturticket“ eingeführt. Dieses ermöglicht allen Studierenden der Universität Paderborn den kostenlosen Besuch unterschiedlichster Kultur- und Sportveranstaltungen (z. B. Fußballspiele, Theater- und Konzertaufführungen, ...

Duration: 01/2022 - 09/2023