Teaching at Paderborn University

Modern teaching and learning formats, individual study programmes, and demanding subject matter: our teaching is based on current research findings. We accompany students on their path to becoming responsible experts with a diverse set of skills.

Teaching at Paderborn University is largely dependent on the outstanding commitment of our academics. This is based on a variety of training opportunities and services for our staff. We use our portal to keep teachers up to date on innovations, projects, and networks.


Information on Digital Teaching

Paderborn University views itself as a traditional university that requires its students to attend courses. On-site offers are complemented by additional digital offers in the spirit of a holistic teaching concept.

As a voluntary complement to traditional studies, e-learning can also be implemented as a tool, e.g., through the Inverted Classroom Method. Do you want to offer fully-, or predominantly digital learning formats? Please consult your dean of studies on the practical execution of your course.

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Here, academics can find tips and advice on ways to increasingly digitalise their teaching. Digital learning materials have the advantage of being accessible regardless of time and place and can often be made available with or without restrictions.

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Digital examinations are possible. Currently, we are evaluating how this could work for larger on-campus examination cohorts. However, due to the adopted regulations, students will still not be able to take digital, off-campus examinations. Examiners will usually announce that an examination will be conducted as an online examination in PAUL or by other suitable means during the first three weeks of the lecture period, but no later than three weeks before the examination date.

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Digital Oral- and Practical Examinations

These examinations take place in the same way as a traditional oral examination, but via video conference. With this in mind, Paderborn University has several options in place. The technology needed for such an examination should be to be thoroughly tested by all parties involved in advance. It is not required to register the exam.

Digital Written Examination:

PANDA is authorised for digital written examinations. Examiners will determine the manner in which the examination is administered.

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There is a wide range of digital tools that can be implemented for teaching. Please have the respective tool checked and approved by the data protection officer in advance.

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Do you have questions about the digitalisation of teaching? Find answers here. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our Teaching Profile

Paderborn University's teaching profile is based on a mission statement which puts the comprehensive and well-founded qualification of our students first. E-learning, digital tools, and media help to put the mission statement into practice. Together, we promote the use of open-source tools and produce teaching and learning materials as Open Educational Resources (OER). It is our goal to unite research and teaching.




Competence oriented teaching

Our university teaching is not based solely on the uncritical acquisition of knowledge, but on the goal of developing subject-specific and interdisciplinary competences. Learning objectives serve to compare which competences students have acquired at the end of a course and which have not, and if so, why not.

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Designing exams

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Organising teaching

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Teaching evaluation

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Studium generale

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Innovations in Teaching

By offering a wide range of formats and services, we promote the continuous advancement of our teaching and the development corresponding innovations. Learn more about our teaching projects:

„A continuous reporting system, the conclusion of target agreements and related measures as well as regular reflection ensure sustainable quality assurance.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Schöppner
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Schöppner,
Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Quality Management

Quality Management

We are continually developing Paderborn University's quality management concept. To ensure that we achieve the best possible results, we have defined goals that we review on an ongoing basis.