Research culture

Academic Freedom goes hand in hand with our mission for the integrity of research. Paderborn University supports and ensures this mission through the implementation of appropriate measures and structures. Our research serves the purpose of the greater good, as well as the task of responsibly shaping the future. Transparency and ethical principles form the basis of our work.


„Scientific integrity is essential for research and the exploitation of scientific results. Here in Paderborn, we place particular emphasis on adherence to and continuous review and evaluation of the underlying standards.”

Prof. Dr. Johannes Blömer, Vice-President for Research and Junior Academics
Prof. Dr. Johannes Blömer,
Vice-President for Research and Junior Academics

Equal opportunities and diversity in research

Paderborn University is actively committed to equal opportunities and diversity. This particularly includes the equal participation of all members of the university in everyday academic life and the strengthening of a gender- and diversity-sensitive organisational culture. Equality standards ensure that gender and diversity are addressed in research – both as subjects and in terms of structural and human resources aspects.

Ethics in research

Ethics committee

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Data protection in research

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Dual use & export control

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Nagoya Protocol

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Good Research Practice

At Paderborn University, research is founded on the principle of good research practice. This ensures the integrity of research and of any new findings. Aside from the University's own guidelines and procedures, the ombudsperson for good research practice plays an important role in safeguarding these principles.

Responsible Open Science

Academia thrives on the exchange of ideas, concepts, and results across institutional and national boundaries. Paderborn University supports free access to scientific data and findings by various measures and thereby strengthens the international visibility of its researchers.


HRS4R Audit - Excellent Working Conditions in Academia

Paderborn University has decided to participate in the HRS4R (Human Resources Strategy for Researchers) audit and therefore commits to implementing the European Commission’s principles and to sustainably strive to optimise its researcher's working environment.