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Sunny start to the new semester (April 2023). Show image information

Sunny start to the new semester (April 2023).

Photo: Paderborn University, Besim Mazhiqi

Course Evaluations

Course evaluations is one method of continual quality monitoring and improvement in academics and teaching. Within the framework of course evaluations, students can provide their instructors with feedback and can contribute to the design and the nature of their studies and those of later generations.

An “evaluation” can take form at several levels: in addition to the subjective satisfaction of students with their class, the goal should also be to keep the objective increase in student knowledge in view as another criterion for academic quality. It is also possible, through the use of long-term evaluation projects and graduate surveys, to evaluate whether and to what extent the acquired knowledge and competences can be used later at the university or in the working world.

The University of Paderborn offers its instructors the following possibilities to conduct course evaluations:

The University for the Information Society