Experience our International Campus

Our campus is a place for intercultural encounters. This is where Paderborn meets the world. Be it through language courses, intercultural events, or international studying experiences – Paderborn University brings people from different backgrounds together.


Studying with an International Focus

International Degree Programmes

From Computer Science and European Studies to Optoelectronics and Photonics: International experience is a central component in many study programmes at Paderborn University. In addition, there are numerous degree programmes entirely in English.

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Blended Intensive Programmes (BIPs)

Through cooperative digital teaching formats, "Blended Intensive Programmes" (BIPs) enable a short study or training period abroad organised in collaboration with multiple European partners. Paderborn University supports lecturers interested in organising a BIP.

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International Virtual Academic Collaboration (IVAC)

In order to make it possible for large target groups to make intercultural experiences and to allow for more sustainable and climate-friendly international exchange, we exploit the potential of hybrid and digital teaching. As part of the DAAD's “IVAC" funding programme, Paderborn University has established several digital teaching collaborations.

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Research Stay at Paderborn University

Prof. Dr. Johannes Blömer, Vice President for Research and Young Academics at Paderborn University, advises young academics.

Sup­port­ing In­ter­na­tion­al Re­search­ers

The Welcome Services advise international doctoral and post-doc researchers as well as their hosts on everyday organisation and the arrangement of the research stay at Paderborn University.

Welcome Services
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In­vit­ing Guest Re­search­ers to Pader­born

If you would like to invite international researchers to Paderborn University for short research stays, or if you would like to hire them as staff members, Human Resources will advise you.

Human Resources
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Es­tab­lish­ing and Main­tain­ing Co­oper­a­tions

The International Office supports our staff from both research and administration who want to either collaborate with international partners, establish new partnerships, or welcome international partners at Paderborn University.

International Office

In­ter­na­tion­al Tues­days

Internationalisation plays an important role and is widely implemented at Paderborn University. The virtual event format "International Tuesdays" encourages the discourse on internationalisation across all faculties and departments. This event offers the opportunity for all members of Paderborn University to not only share their ideas, experiences, and best practices but also to gain information about new opportunities and funding formats.

Intercultural Activities

Become a Buddy for International Students

A quick and easy way to get to know students from other countries, improve your language skills, have fun, and gain intercultural competencies: The buddy programme at Paderborn University brings international exchange students and Paderborn University students together.

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Support Exchange Students in Paderborn

In cooperation with Paderborn University’s International Office, the student initiative Eurobiz e. V. organises an extensive orientation and event programme for exchange students.

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Get in Touch with International Students

The International Student Union ("Ausländische Studierendenvertretung", ASV) at Paderborn University helps students find accommodation or jobs, accompanies them to authorities and advises them on study and social issues. They also regularly organise events to promote international cultural activities on campus.

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Become a Buddy for Refugees

The Buddy Programme for Refugees at Paderborn University was established to give refugee students the opportunity to expand their German language skills outside of class and to facilitate their integration into German society.

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More Support for Refugees

Paderborn University regards itself as a cosmopolitan university. This is reflected in a variety of offers for refugees that help them find their footing in further education and inform them about funding opportunities.

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Let’s Talk: Languages at Paderborn University

Centre for Lan­guage Stud­ies (ZfS)

The ZfS is the first contact point for all language enthusiasts at Paderborn University. Whether you are interested in courses in up to 20 languages during the semester , intensive courses during the semester break, or a media centre with work stations and learning materials for self-study – there are numerous ways to improve your foreign language skills. The ZfS is also an accredited UNIcert®, TOEFL, and DELE test centre.

Centre for Language Studies at Paderborn University 

Lan­guage Tan­dem Pro­gramme

In the Language Tandem Programme offered by the ZfS, two people who speak different native languages can improve their language skills in their respective target language by meeting regularly. Each person is simultaneously a learner and a teacher.

Language Tandem Programme at Paderborn University


Trans­la­tion Of­fice

Do you have any questions about the German-English translation office at Paderborn University? The translation team will be happy to help you.

Contact the Translation Office at Paderborn University: translations@upb.de