International Profile

Whether in research, study and teaching, or transfer: Paderborn University’s profile is characterised by cooperation with partners all over the world. We are internationally mobile, develop projects in cooperation with foreign universities and research institutions, and maintain as well as expand our global international network.

Coming to Paderborn from Abroad

International students in a lecture hall at Paderborn University photographed through a pane of glass.

Degree Programmes

Paderborn University offers international students a wide range of bachelors and masters degree programmes. We are looking forward to your application!

International students with flags in a lecture hall at Paderborn University.

Exchange Studies and Short Study Visits

As an exchange student at Paderborn University, you can deepen your subject knowledge, gain many exciting experiences, and broaden your horizons through intercultural exchange. We offer you our support through an extensive orientation and event programme.

A woman and a man with a book in his hand are talking in the Paderborn University Library.


Various institutions at Paderborn University will be happy to support you in planning and carrying out your doctoral project. In addition, we offer a wide range of interdisciplinary qualifications.

A man and two women sit together at a desk with digital devices.

Career Opportunities at Paderborn University

We warmly welcome international academics and professionals who would like to do research and work at Paderborn University. Information about job vacancies, the application process, and about living and working in Paderborn help you start your career.

A group of students with their backs turned to the camera walks towards the entrance of Paderborn University.


Paderborn University supports refugees in re-entering or beginning their studies by offering various support programmes, language courses, and more.

Going Abroad from Paderborn

A young woman sits on a cliff above the sea in an idyllic landscape.

Studying Abroad

Semesters abroad do not only broaden and enhance your professional competencies and language skills – they are also very significant to your personal and professional future – and, above all, offer our students the experience of a lifetime.

Two people are looking at an atlas with a world map, one person is pointing to the southern hemisphere with his index finger.

Researching, Teaching, or Working Abroad

Our staff can gain international experience through research stays, advanced training, internships, and teaching assignments abroad.

A graduate stands in front of Paderborn University wearing a gown and a doctoral hat. Her back is turned to the camera.

International Alumni

Our international alumni network is a vibrant global and cross-generational community that benefits everyone. By registering with the central alumni portal, you can stay connected with Paderborn University, receive invitations to interesting events, and network with other alumni.

International Campus

At Paderborn University, we foster a warm, welcoming culture and enable to gain international experiences beyond staying abroad. We bring the world to Paderborn with a variety of intercultural activities, offers, and events.




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Institutions & Contacts

International Office

The International Office does not only support international students at Paderborn University, but also coordinates studies abroad, organises exchanges with international universities, and fosters international cooperations.

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Welcome Services

The Welcome Services support international staff, doctoral and post-doc researchers, as well as their hosts with any questions regarding their stay in Paderborn.

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International Relations Office

The International Relations Office is the central coordination office for international affairs at Paderborn University. The Office is responsible for the strategic development and expansion of international relations and the organisation and implementation of central international projects.

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Jenny Aloni Center

The Jenny Aloni Center is the central organisation for doctoral students, postdocs, and junior professors at Paderborn University. It provides information, training, and qualification opportunities as well as advisory services.

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