Gen­er­al Edu­ca­tion Re­quire­ments (Stu­di­um Gen­erale)

As part of the general education (Studium Generale) requirements at the University of Paderborn, students can take courses and participate in classes or workshops that go beyond the horizons of their major/primary subject, and which contribute to their broader general knowledge. Students can acquire specialist knowledge in other subjects as well as interdisciplinary key competencies, and thus can refine their individual educational profile and broader their personal horizons. The general education courses aim to promote this interdisciplinary perspective as well as to provide professionally relevant compentences.

Many of the degree programs at the University of Paderorn include modules specifically for General Education or for Key Competency Development, which are granted ETCS credits accordingly.

The general education offerings are grouped into twelve profiles, which give students a chance to select an individual concentration:

  • General Key Competences
  • Profession and Career
  • Digital Humanities
  • Foreign Languages and Intercultural Competence
  • Gender and Diversity
  • Art and Culture
  • Media and IT
  • Humanity and Society
  • Science and Technology
  • Sports and Health
  • Economics and Law
  • Working Scientifically

Courses that are counted towards general education can be found in the course catalogue under “General Studies”.

Instructors can open their courses for students from other subjects and faculties, and thus can also profit from interdisciplinary perspectives.

For question and issues related to general education, each faculty has a designated point of contact to provide you with information; they can be found on the following pages: