Promoting study orientation

Career and study guidance begins at school. As a teacher, we support you in integrating the topic into your lessons and guiding your pupils through the decision-making process. We provide information and advice on various topics, including the following:

  • What fields of study and degree programmes are there?
  • What does "studying" mean?
  • How do you find the right degree programme?
  • Where can I find the relevant information?

In order to support you in implementing the standard element 9.2 "Study orientation" as part of the state initiative "Kein Abschluss ohne Anschluss"(KAoA), we are happy to come to your school or organise offers for your pupils on campus. Alternatively, we also offer a digital programme including digital presentations.

Offers on campus

Discover the wide range of study orientation programmes for your school group directly on campus. If none of the available programmes meet your needs, please do not hesitate to send us an email to We will be happy to find customised solutions for you.

Campus day 15.01.

Campus visit

University internship



Study orientation weeks

Programmes at your school

We are also happy to come directly to your school and support your career and study orientation with the following programmes. Simply send us an e-mail to

Gerne können Sie uns bei Interesse zu folgenden Themen für Infovorträge an Ihrer Schule anfragen:

  • Universität Paderborn - Infos zu Studiengängen und Unileben
  • Bewerbungsregelungen
  • Ablauf eines Studiums
  • Kosten im Studium und Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten
  • Möglichkeiten in der Studienwahlentscheidung
  • fachspezifische Vorträge zu einzelnen Studiengängen bzw. studiengangspezifischen Themen

Unsere Infovorträge können wir auf bestimmte Zielgruppen oder thematisch auf ausgewählte Fächer oder Studiengänge anpassen. Infovorträge sind für Klassen oder ganze Jahrgänge möglich.


Sie planen selbst eine Schul- oder Bildungsmesse und wünschen sich, dass wir auf Ihrer Veranstaltung präsent sind? Kommen Sie gerne auf uns zu, wir freuen uns Sie bei Ihrer Messe zu unterstützen.

Auch bei Elternabenden an Ihrer Schule bringen wir gerne unsere Expertise ein. Zusätzlich besteht die Möglichkeit unsere Angebote zur Studienorientierung in den Elternabend zu integrieren.

Offers for individual pupils

Paderborn University not only offers you the opportunity to take part in study orientation programmes as a class or in groups, but we also offer individual pupils the chance to get to know Paderborn University and our diverse range of degree programmes in a variety of ways.

Orientation offers

We also offer extensive opportunities for individual students to get to know Paderborn University and the various degree programmes. Find out more about our programmes here, which you are welcome to pass on to your pupils.

Performance-motivated pupils

If you teach pupils who are motivated to achieve and whose talents should be developed beyond the subject matter, we have appropriate programmes for them. In particular, pupils who come from non-academic homes or from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds receive individualised support.

Handbook on study orientation in OWL

The universities in Ostwestfalen-Lippe are intensively involved in the state initiative KAoA and offer a wide range of study orientation programmes. This brochure brings together the programmes offered by the universities in OWL and presents them transparently.

Wissenschaft in den Unterricht bringen

Sie möchten Ihre Schüler*innen dazu ermutigen sich wissenschaftlich mit bestimmten schulischen Themenfeldern auseinanderzusetzen?

University library workshop

The university library offers workshops for pupils and school classes on researching for their dissertation. Here, students receive help with literature searches, learn how to recognise suitable literature and how to cite sources correctly.

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If you are a teacher supervising students on the teacher training programme during the practical phases, you will find all the relevant information here:


Conferences, further education & training for teachers

We also want to keep you as teachers up to date with the latest professional developments. Visit us at conferences or information events and take advantage of training and further education opportunities to network and expand your knowledge.

Do you have any questions?

The Central Student Advisory Service team is available to you at any time.


Phone: 05251 60-2809