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Refugees welcome!

You are registered as asylum seeker or recognized as refugee in Germany and would like to become a student or continue your studies in Paderborn?

German language course preparing for the DSH (German language proficiency certificate for university entrance) for students with and without refugee background.

Career workshops for refugee and other international degree students


Please find an overview of the current support opportunities and programmes offered by the International Office of the University of Paderborn for Ukrainian refugees.

Intensive German language courses for asylum seekers, who are interested to study at Paderborn University.

Information for refugee researchers who wish to continue their scientific career in Germany.  

Support for refugees who aim to study at Paderborn University.

Activities for and with refugees in Paderborn und North Rhine-Westphalia.

Current information on the study preparation and study support for refugees at Paderborn University.

Individual counselling for refugee applicants and students



Preparation courses to qualify for academic studies at a German university.

The programs NRWege, Integra and Welcome at Paderborn University are funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) through means of the Ministry of Culture and Science North, Rhine-Westphalia (MKW) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Weltoffene Hochschulen gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit

Nationwide campaign by HRK member universities for openness, tolerance and against xenophobia

The University for the Information Society