Former pro­grammes at the Uni­ver­sity of Pader­born

In­tegra Stud­ies and Ca­reer

The support of refugees at the University of Paderborn does not end after the German course. Since 2019, the DAAD project "Integra Studies and Career" not only imparts German skills, but also soft skills for study and subsequent integration into the labour market.

In 2020, the funding programme will move on to the next round: once again, various workshops will be held to teach competences for a successful career start after graduation. The support services for German-speaking refugees and international students aim to facilitate the transition to the labour market. The focus lies on:

  • Practicing the German language
  • Extension of personal skills (soft skills) 
  • Social and professional networking in the region through social commitment and contacts in the economy.

Over­view: In­tegra Work­shops 2022

  • "Bewerbungstraining I - Kernkompetenzermittlung"
    (Thursday, 14.04.2022, 2-5 pm)

In this workshop, participants are taught the basics of a successful job application. The focus in Application Training Part I is on recognizing your own core competencies. What qualities and experience do you bring to the table? How do you search for suitable jobs that fit your profile? Step by step, the participants develop an overview of their competencies and are thus prepared for the oral self-presentation in the job interview. The workshop Application Training Part II will deal with the written application and in particular address the building blocks resume & cover letter.

Registration deadline: 10.04.2022


  • "Bewerbungstraining II - Lebenslauf & Anschreiben"
    (Thursday, 28.04.2022, 2-5 pm)

In this workshop important information and tips for the creation of a convincing resume and the corresponding cover letter will be conveyed. Resume and cover letter should be appealing both visually and in terms of content, so that the first step for a successful application can be mastered. How do I formulate a convincing cover letter that makes me stand out from the crowd? How do I structure my resume and how do I deal with gaps in my resume, for example? These and other questions will be discussed in the workshop and illustrated with practical application tips.

Registration deadline: 24.04.2022

Anyone who would like to take advantage of the opportunity for individual feedback on their application documents should not miss this consultation appointment. Those who register will receive personal feedback on their documents in a 1:1 setting. Are your application documents complete? What additional documents should your application materials include? How can you best adapt your documents to a job posting or company? The basis for participation in this offer is your personal application documents. You can also participate in this offer if you are not currently applying for a job and your documents are not (yet) complete. Please send your existing application documents together with your registration by e-mail. This is a necessary prerequisite for participation. Please note: Please register for only one of the dates offered.

Registration deadline: 08.05.2022


Job fairs are very important when starting your working life in OWL. They allow you to introduce yourself personally to regional companies, which enables you to make important contacts with dream companies. The "my job-OWL 2022" is the largest job fair in Ostwestfalen-Lippe, where more than 200 regional and national exhibitors will present themselves. The day trip to the job fair in Bad Salzuflen is aimed at participants of the workshops on job application training.

Important note: Please register independently for the job fair and organize your journey to Bad Salzuflen independently. Opening hours of the fair: 9-15 h; day ticket: 1 Euro.

Registration deadline: 10.05.2022


Convince your interviewer of your personality and qualifications by presenting yourself authentically and effectively. Learn about the interview process and what really matters.

In this workshop, you will receive suggestions for preparing for selection interviews and develop a guideline for your self-presentation. In order for you to be able to conduct the interview in the best possible way, we will train the simulation of individual interview sequences. In doing so, we will address typical questions and show you different methods that HR professionals like to use to test you.

The workshop also offers enough space to bring in personal questions.

Registration deadline: 25.05.2022

Volunteering is of great importance to society. Volunteering means supporting others. The activity not only has positive effects on those who receive the help. The volunteers also benefit from it: In addition to the gratitude they experience, they expand their social relationships. In addition, volunteering has a positive effect on a job application. You can show that you are willing to donate your free time to a project that is close to your heart.

In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to get in touch with various institutions and associations from Paderborn that make a contribution to civil society through volunteer work. In doing so, the participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the work and goals of the respective initiatives and projects and how they can get involved there themselves in order to further develop their personal social skills.

Registration deadline: 30.05.2022


The basis for good written communication in professional life is still successful correspondence. But how do you write effective letters and e-mails so that they are clearly designed and easy to understand? What rules apply to business letters and e-mails?

Would you like to prepare yourself for contacts with German-speaking companies? In this workshop, you will learn which formulations are appropriate for written communication in the office and how to write business emails so that they come across professionally. By working with practical examples, you will learn how to write business correspondence in a recipient-oriented way. The exercises used also provide many practical tips and suggestions that will help you to expand your knowledge and skills in writing business letters.

Registration deadline: 20.06.2022

Personal conversations and telephone calls with German-speaking customers, business partners, colleagues and superiors are an integral part of professional life. If you want to improve your communication skills in a professional context, this workshop is for you.

With the help of case studies, routine situations and practical tips, you will acquire useful strategies and techniques for conducting conversations in German-speaking companies. You will practice communicating in German in situations from everyday business life. You will also learn how to avoid misunderstandings and how to create a positive atmosphere in order to better achieve your conversational goals.

Registration deadline: 05.07.2022

  • "Interkulturelle Kompetenz I - Selbst- und Fremdwahrnehmung"
    (Tuesday, 27.09.2022, 2-5 pm)

  • "Interkulturelle Kompetenz II - Kommunikationsstrategien"
    (Wednesday, 28.09.2022, 2-5 pm)

  • "Interkulturelle Kompetenz III - Zusammenarbeit in internationalen Teams"
    (Thursday, 29.09.2022, 2-5 pm)

  • "Das Vorstellungsgespräch"
    (Thursday, 13.10.2022, 2-5 pm)

This workshop provides important tips and suggestions for preparing for the job interview. How do I convince the interviewer of my personality and qualifications? How can I present myself authentically and effectively? In this practice-oriented workshop, you will receive suggestions for preparing for job interviews and develop a guideline for your self-presentation.

Registration deadline: 08.10.2022


  • "Vorbereitung auf eine Jobmesse"
    (Thursday, 27.10.2022, 2-5 pm)

Job and career fairs are perfect places for recruiting and networking opportunities for applicants of all generations and qualifications. This workshop serves as preparation for the current regional job fair in Bielefeld, which will take place on November 5 and 6, 2022. In this workshop, the focus will be on how to act and behave at job fairs. Thus, we deal intensively with professional appearance at a job fair. In addition, the range of services offered at the job fair in Bielefeld will be presented. You will also have ample opportunity to clarify any questions you may have about trade fair appearances.

Registration deadline: 25.10.2022

  • "Exkursion zur Jobmesse in Bielefeld"
    (Saturday, 05.11.2022, full day)

Job fairs are very important when starting your working life in OWL. They allow you to introduce yourself personally to regional companies, which enables you to make important contacts with dream companies. The "Job Fair Bielefeld" is one of the largest job fairs in the region, where regionally, nationally as well as internationally operating companies and educational institutions will present themselves. The day trip to the job fair in Bielefeld is aimed at participants of the workshops on application training, job interviews and preparation for a job fair.

Important note: Please register independently for the job fair and organize your own travel to Bielefeld.

Registration deadline: 03.11.2022


  • "Meet & Greet mit Initiativen der Universität Paderborn"
    (Thursday, 24.11.2022, 2-5 pm)

Volunteering in an organization or even in a university group not only plays an important role for German society, but also has a decisive positive effect on an application! In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to get in touch with different initiatives and project areas at the University of Paderborn. Several selected university initiatives and projects that contribute to civil society through voluntary work will introduce themselves in this offer. All participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the work and goals of the respective initiatives and projects and how they can get involved and contribute there themselves in order to further develop their personal social skills.

Registration deadline: 20.11.2022 

  • "Zeit- und Stressmanagement im Studium und Beruf"
    (Wednesday, 07.12.2022, 2-5 pm)

Effective time management allows you to better manage your time. In this way, you will be able to meet the most important demands while maintaining inner peace and satisfaction. The aim of this workshop is to get to know different techniques of time and stress management and to make them useful for your own projects in your studies and at work. Through sound time management with the help of methods for self-organization and a conscious handling of stressful situations, it is possible to maintain a balance between professional and private life. The workshop also provides space for sharing the personal experiences of all participants.

Registration deadline: 01.12.2022


  • "Sprachkompetenz Deutsch: Kommunikation im Büro - Konfliktgespräche führen"
    (Wednesday, 21.12.2022, 2-5 pm)

In your studies and in your professional life, you have to be able to deal with different characters. Communication with colleagues, superiors or customers does not always work smoothly. A conflict discussion is appropriate at the latest when a lasting conflict needs to be solved. In this workshop we deal with a constructive design of difficult conversations. You will learn how a good conflict conversation should be conducted. The workshop also provides space for sharing the personal experiences of all participants.

Registration deadline: 15.12.2022

Ar­riv­ing in Pader­born - Paths to In­teg­ra­tion

The business location of Paderborn in the south of the OWL region has gained national and international importance in recent years. The IT sector in particular continues to develop and opens up a wide range of job prospects. This is reflected, for example, in the founding of the technology network Intelligente Technische Systeme OstWestfalenLippe (it's OWL). The Leading-Edge Cluster has been in existence since 2012 and is driving the innovative and economic power of the OWL region. Further information can also be found on the OstWestfalenLippe GmbH website.

At the it's OWL career events, German-speaking students and companies in the region can network directly. From the world market leader to the hidden champion, OWL offers a wide variety of entry-level opportunities through internships or activities as a working student:in. The it's OWL career events offer an ideal opportunity to make initial contacts. Contact person is Christiane Schild (Tel.: +49 5251 - 2973741).

The Career Service of the University of Paderborn also offers many career orientation opportunities for German-speaking students, e.g.:

  • Career Guide: Current dates for job fairs (Germany-wide) and information for graduates of the various faculties on fields of activity, subject-specific job fairs and information on starting a career.
  • Career springboard practice: Placement of three-day practical projects in regional companies
  • Job and career portal JobTeaser:Exclusive online job exchange for students (e.g. internships, thesis, trainee or job shadowing)

If you would like to take on volunteer activities in your free time and contribute your talents and skills for the good of society, Paderborn offers a variety of opportunities. As a volunteer, you make an important contribution to our society and through the wide selection, you are sure to find a task that suits your interests, skills and time resources. Listed below are various channels where you can find more information about volunteering in Paderborn and exchange opportunities:

Volunteering can be a way to develop one's talents and enrich one's own life, as well as the lives of others, through motivation, compassion and goodwill.

If you would like to develop your own business idea and become self-employed during the course of your studies, there are numerous offers of help in Paderborn. The city also offers just the right environment to network further with the Paderborn Technology Park and the start-up coworking space garage33.

The TecUp (Technology Transfer and Start-Up Center of the University of Paderborn) supports all students of the University of Paderborn interested in founding their own start-up on their way from the idea to the foundation and provides information on financing. Formats such as Start-Up School, Top Talent Program or OWL Start-Up Pitch provide an all-round package to realize one's own ideas.

Any further questions?

The direct contact person at TecUp for international students is the start-up coach Tobias Rebert (Phone: + 49 5251 - 60 4470).

Further information about founding a company in Paderborn:

Immigration law:

Cred­it­ing of In­tegra Work­shops for the up­b+ cer­ti­fic­ate

The project "Integra Studies and Career" is a partner of the upb+ certificate. The attended workshops can be credited to the certificate. 

This is how the Integra Workshops can get credited to each respective pillar of the upb+ certificate:

Pillars of the upb+ certificate Workshops offered by the project "Integra Studies and Career"
International competence International Competence - Working in international teams
Social and methodoligical competence

Language Competence German - Communication training, Scientific formulation, Instructions for Scientific Research,
Rhetoric and Presentation Strategies, Presentation Strategies II - PowerPoint, Practice Workshop for Presentations and Lectures

Career planning Application Training I - Core Competence Determination, Application Training II - Resume & Cover Letter, Application Training III - Interview,
Application Portfolio Check, Successful Internships

You will receive a certificate of participation if you complete workshops of at least 120 minutes (digital) in the respective pillar of the upb+ certificate.
If you are interested in getting a certificate, please contact us via e-mail:

Please note the terms and conditions (Teilnahmebedingungen in German) of the upb+ certificate. 

If you have any questions on the attainment of the certificate, please contact:
Contact person for the upb+ certificate at the International Office:  Anna Miroyan

The program "Integra Studies and Career" at the University of Paderborn is funded by the DAAD with funds from the BMBF and is carried out in cooperation with other institutions of the university.


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