Support programmes for Ukrainian refugees

The EU member states have agreed that war refugees from Ukraine will be granted protection status in an uncomplicated manner - i.e. without going through the regular asylum procedure. In Germany, these regulations are implemented according to §24 of the Residence Act. Irrespective of this, Ukrainian nationals can already participate in various DAAD-funded courses and programs without this protection status (where applicable) within the framework of the quotas for international students/academics.

Here you will find an overview of the current support opportunities and programs offered by the International Office of the University of Paderborn for Ukrainian refugees. We are currently in a situation where things change daily and we have to work with many uncertainties. Therefore, the funding opportunities can change constantly and will be adjusted accordingly.

Overview of current support offers for Ukrainian students and researchers

With this trilingual website, the DAAD would like to offer Ukrainian students and researchers a first orientation in Germany and especially to the German higher education and research system. In addition, the website also provides an overview of different assistance offers in the academic area.

Under the following link, the DAAD provides a bundle of support offers from partners and international universities.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research has set up a website for refugees from Ukraine with information on school, training, studies, work and recognition of foreign vocational qualifications in German, English and Ukrainian: Information for Refugees from Ukraine - BMBF


The Association of German Foundations has published an overview of the current measures, which can be viewed via the following link.

KMK activates application procedure for the evaluation of foreign university degrees in Ukrainian.

In order to quickly support the labor market integration of refugees from Ukraine, the application procedure for the evaluation of certificates is now also available in Ukrainian. You can find the page at the following link.

In addition, the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) in the Secretariat of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany (KMK) offers a plausibility check procedure for refugees from Ukraine in case of missing documents. Thus, applicants who cannot prove their university degree by certificates can also receive a certificate evaluation if plausibility is established.

The Society for Academic Study Preparation and Test Development e.V. (g.a.s.t.) supports Ukrainian refugees with various learning and testing offers on their way to Germany and to a German university. The offers consist of:

  • free assessment of your German language skills with the onSET
  • free assessment of their suitability for undergraduate studies with the TestAS
  • Language certificate TestDaF as proof of their German language skills for studying at a German university
  • German courses of Deutsch-Uni Online to prepare for studying in Germany (level A1-C1, everyday language, technical language, professional language, exam preparation TestDaF)

In the course of digitization, The Society for Academic Study Preparation and Test Development e.V. (g.a.s.t.), together with the DAAD, RWTH Aachen University, TH Lübeck, the Goethe-Institut, and Kiron Open Higher Education, is developing the "Digital Campus", a platform for digital study preparation funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

For more information about the offers of the "Digital Campus" please follow the link.


Please send your request to the following e-mail.

The Help for Ukraine is coordinated at the Paderborn Unversity by Dr. Anatolii Andreiev. For more information please follow the link.

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