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Counselling for refugees

Personal consultation

-  Please schedule an appointment in advance -
As part of the precautionary measures to contain the corona epidemic, we are currently restricting all personal contacts to what is necessary. We therefore ask you to refrain from contacting the staff of the International Office personally outside of their consultation hours.

However, you can still reach us by e-mail. Please always state your AZ number or matriculation number.

Consultation hour for refugees:

Appointments can be made via the IO hotline: 052521 - 601818.

Please note that refugee office hours will only be offered until 02/12/2022.

tba N.N.

Consultation by phone (also in Russian language):

You can reach our application hotline in Russian language by calling +49 5251 60-1818 at the following time:

Wednesday (Russian):

11 am - 12.30 pm


Thursday (Russian):

12.45 pm - 14.15 pm


Please note also our Facebook group Internationals WELCOME for refugees who are interested and qualified to study at Paderborn University. 

The University for the Information Society