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Welcome to the gender portal of Paderborn University!

For many years, the University of Paderborn has actively promoted equal opportunities, a gender- and family-friendly working culture and the inclusion of gender issues in research and teaching. It has repeatedly received awards for its gender equality strategies, including the "audit familiengerechte hochschule" (family-friendly university audit) and the "Total E-Quality-Prädikat" (Total E-Quality Award). In 2009, it was also awarded the Gender Prize of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia for the best gender equality concept. The German Research Foundation (DFG) has also repeatedly placed it in the highest rating category for the implementation of the DFG's gender equality standards.

Equal participation of women and men in all social processes has not yet been achieved. Raising awareness of this issue in research and teaching as well as working towards a culture of equal opportunities at universities are central concerns of gender equality at Paderborn University. Since the function of the Equal Opportunities Officer was introduced in 1987, she has been working for equality between women and men and the elimination of existing disadvantages in accordance with the legal mandate. In order to achieve equal participation of women in all areas, specific equality measures and support programmes are initiated. An important goal is to create a culture of family-friendliness in everyday life; this includes measures to improve the compatibility of studies or work and family, such as the Family Service Office.

Since 2009, the Centre for Gender Studies (ZG) has also existed at the level of academic theory formation, which, among other things, coordinates existing offers in teaching, supervises a Master's (part) programme in Gender Studies and regularly holds lecture series, conferences and also its own research projects. Furthermore, the initiative "Women Shape the Information Society" organises and hosts various offers for schoolgirls in the field of mathematics, informatics, natural sciences and technology (MINT).

On the following pages you will find information on the topics of equality and gender. On the basis of the diverse information offers as well as on the websites of the respective institutions, you have the opportunity to inform yourself about the individual offers and projects at Paderborn University.

In 2021, the page "Gender Studies at Paderborn University as an Interdisciplinary Science" was created, which brings together teachers and researchers from different academic fields and makes them visible.

audit family-friendly…

On 22 November 2005, Paderborn University was the first university in NRW to be awarded the designation of “family-friendly university”.


Paderborn University has received the TOTAL E-QUALITY Award for their equality-oriented Human Resources policies.

Equal Opportunities Officer

Dr. Annika Hegemann
Central Equal Opportunities Officer at Paderborn University

Paderborn University
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn
Room: E2.103
Tel.: 05251/603724
E-mail: annika.hegemann(at)upb(dot)de

Websites of the Equal Opportunities Officer

Centre for Gender Studies

Dr. Claudia Mahs
Managing Director of the Centre for Gender Studies

Paderborn University
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn
Room: H5.206
Phone: 05251/60-2730
E-mail: claudia.mahs(at)upb(dot)de

Websites of the ZG

Women Shape the Information Society

Dr. Stephanie Forge
Project Management

Paderborn University
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn
Room: P1.6.09.1
Phone: 05251/60-3003
E-mail: stephanie.forge(at)uni-paderborn(dot)de

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