Di­versity at Pader­born Uni­ver­sity

The recognition and appreciation of different living and working conditions of its members are essential pillars of the value orientation of Paderborn University. Heterogeneous social, cultural and/or educational biographical backgrounds are reflected in a diversity of abilities and skills, all of which have their justification and contribute to the success of the University as an educational institution. Equal opportunities and educational equity are an integral part of the University's understanding of diversity. The concept of diversity at Paderborn University includes the dimensions mentioned in the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), such as ethnic origin/nationality, age, mental and physical impairment, religion/belief, and expands it to include the dimension of social origin.

Further information on our understanding of diversity can be found here.

Gender equality work is an independent field of action that is the responsibility of the Central Equal Opportunities Officer. Further information on the diversity dimension of gender can be found here.


Diversity Charter

Paderborn University signed the Diversity Charter in October 2011. Additional information can be found here.


Audit diversity-friendly…

The Board of Trustees of berufundfamilie awards the certificate for the audit "diversity-friendly university" to Paderborn University by the 15th of March 2023.

Cent­ral Equal Op­por­tun­it­ies Of­ficer

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Total E-Quality

Paderborn University has received the TOTAL E-QUALITY Award for their equality-oriented Human Resources policies.

Audit Family-friendly…

On 22 November 2005, Paderborn University was the first university in NRW to be awarded the designation of “family-friendly university”.