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Our annual Research Day is aimed at all Paderborn scientists and serves as a platform for networking and communication within the university. The focus is always on a current research topic, which is introduced by a keynote speech from a distinguished guest. The Research Day offers innovative insights and, with its various interaction formats, diverse opportunities for exchange.

Research Day 2023 - Smart sustainability: Future-proof concepts

The motto of the Research Day 2023 at Paderborn University is "Smart Sustainability: Sustainable Concepts". On this day, we would like to look at research that is dedicated to the connection between smart technologies and ecological, economic and social sustainability.

It will be about research that addresses the following questions in the broadest sense:

  • How can smart technologies and processes contribute to greater sustainability? And what do such approaches look like in concrete terms?
  • Which smart materials and products will help us shape our future in a more resource-efficient way?
  • How does the use of smart digital technologies change research concepts, questions and methods?
  • Where do opportunities and risks lie in the use of such technologies for shaping a sustainable society?
  • How are we affected by this with our competencies, skills and abilities? What is needed to meet the challenges of a society shaped by smart technologies and fit for the future?
  • How do we look at issues such as political participation and social justice against the backdrop of the opportunities and risks of using smart technologies?
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