Sexu­al­ized Dis­crim­in­a­tion and Sexu­al As­sault

Providing a safe, respectful, and tolerant environment in which work and study, for everyone connected to the university, is a key value and an important goal that the university has committed itself. This expectation precludes any type of discrimination, bullying, stalking, sexual assault and violence. 

Paderborn University does not tolerate sexualized discrimination or violence in any form and has undertaken concrete steps towards the goal of ensuring a discrimination- and violence-free atmosphere for both work or study. Therefore, the university senate released their guidelines “Respectful Behavior Paderborn University” (Respektvolles Miteinander an der Universität Paderborn).

In light of the additional guidance given in the recommending position paper “Against Sexual Discrimination and Sexual Harassment at Universities” by the German Rectors’ Conference (Empfehlung der Hochschulrektorenkonferenz, in English) for preventing sexualized discrimination and sexual assault, Paderborn University is in the process of conceptualization and implementation of a holistic approach towards prevention and protection.

One measure included in this plan, developed at the university in cooperation with the women’s counselling center Lilith (Frauenberatungsstelle Lilith e. V., information only available in German), involved the creation of a counselling service for advice and aid for female students and employees in case of sexualized discrimination or sexual assault. This offer is intended as a lower-level alternative to the official complaint procedures as described in section 13 of the General Act on Equal Treatment (Allgemeinen Gleichbehandlungsgesetz, AGG).

A variety of locations, both at Paderborn University and in the region, offer support in case of sexualized discrimination and sexual assault.


In cooperation with the Women’s Counselling Center Lilith (Frauenberatungsstelle Lilith e. V.), professional counselling and advice for cases of sexualized discrimination and sexual assault are offered during open office hours.


Paderborn University has introduced a two-stage complaints procedure. The two stages are: 1. Confidential counselling (informal procedure) with one of the official contacts at the university (listed on our websites); 2. Filing an official complaint (formal procedure) with the proper university authorities (Beschwerdestelle, complaints body) as outlined in sec. 13 of the General Act on Equal Treatment (Allgemeinen Gleichbehandlungsgesetzes, AGG). More information

  • Seminars/workshops/advanced training opportunities regarding the topic of “sexual harassment at work and at the place of study” at Paderborn University
  • Relevant legal texts and further publications on the topic of sexualized discrimination and sexual assault.