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Kompetenzzentrum für Nachhaltige Energietechnik (KET)
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Mitglied - Emeritus
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Mitglied - Emeritus


Aktuelle Publikationen

Study on Sample Geometries for Ferrite Characterisation in the MHz-Range

T. Piepenbrock, L. Keuck, S. Schachten, J. Böcker, F. Schafmeister, in: PCIM Europe 2024; IEEE International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management, Nuremberg, n.d.

FEM Modelling of Dimensional-Resonant Inductors for LLC Converters in MHz Range

T. Piepenbrock, F. Schafmeister, J. Böcker, in: SPEEDAM 2024; 27th International Symposium on Power Electronics, Electrical Drives, Automation and Motion, Ischia, n.d.

Experimentally Verified 22 kW, 30 kHz LLC Resonant Converter Design with new Control for a 1 MW Cascaded H-Bridge Converter

R. Unruh, J. Böcker, F. Schafmeister, in: ECCE Europe 2024; IEEE Energy Conversion Congress & Exposition Europe, Darmstadt, n.d.

Insights and Challenges of Co-Simulation-Based Optimal Pulse Pattern Evaluation for Electric Drives

L. Hölsch, A. Brosch, R. Steckel, T. Braun, S. Wendel, J. Böcker, O. Wallscheid, IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion (2024) 1–12.

Mechatronik und elektrische Antriebe / Mechatronics and electrical drives

J. Böcker, Mechatronik und elektrische Antriebe / Mechatronics and electrical drives, Paderborn University, Paderborn, n.d.

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