Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Kabst

International Business


Aktuelle Publikationen

Like It or not: When corporate social responsibility does not attract potential applicants
E.A. Jakob, H. Steinmetz, M. Wehner, C. Engelhardt, R. Kabst, Journal of Business Ethics (n.d.).
HR-Manager als Intrapreneure
B. Wach, B. Krebs, R. Kabst, in: K. Schwuchow, J. Gutmann (Eds.), HR-Trends 2021, Haufe-Lexware, Freiburg, 2020.
National culture and incentives: Are incentive practices always good?
N.R. Prince, J. Bruce Prince, R. Kabst, Journal of World Business 55 (2020).
The Other Side of the Same Coin – How Communal Beliefs About Entrepreneurship Influence Attitudes Toward Entrepreneurship
E.A. Jakob, R. Isidor, S. Holger, W. Marius, R. Kabst, Journal of Vocational Behavior 112 (2019) 431–445.
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