Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Marten

Leichtbau im Automobil

Stellvertretender Leiter - Akademischer Oberrat

Stellvertretender Lehrstuhlleiter

Mersinweg 7
33100 Paderborn


Aktuelle Publikationen

Integrating Prospective Scenarios in Life Cycle Engineering: Case Study of Lightweight Structures
M. Ostermann, J. Grenz, M. Triebus, F. Cerdas, T. Marten, T. Tröster, C. Herrmann, Energies 16 (2023).
Feasibility Study of Compression Molding for Large Reinforcement Structures in the Commercial Vehicle Sector
J. Lückenkötter, J.P. Leimbach, T. Stallmeister, T. Marten, T. Tröster, in: Materials Research Proceedings, Materials Research Forum LLC, 2023, pp. 249–258.
Individualization of Public Transport – Integration of Technical and Social Dimensions of Sustainable Mobility
M. Ostermann, J. Behm, T. Marten, T. Tröster, J. Weyer, K. Cepera, F. Adelt, in: H. Proff (Ed.), Towards the New Normal in Mobility, Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden, 2023.
Integrating Prospective LCA in the Development of Automotive Components
J. Grenz, M. Ostermann, K. Käsewieter, F. Cerdas, T. Marten, C. Herrmann, T. Tröster, Sustainability 15 (2023).
Ecological and Economic Feasibility of Inductive Heating for Sustainable Press Hardening Processes
F. Pfeifer, L. Knorr, F. Schlosser, T. Marten, T. Tröster, Journal of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems 11 (2023) 1–20.
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