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Die Universität Paderborn im Februar 2023 Bildinformationen anzeigen

Die Universität Paderborn im Februar 2023

Foto: Universität Paderborn, Hannah Brauckhoff

Prof. Dr. Tina Kasper

Prof. Dr. Tina Kasper

Technische Thermodynamik

Leiterin - Professorin

+49 5251 60-2420
+49 5251 60-3522
Pohlweg 55
33098 Paderborn

Profilbereich Nachhaltige Werkstoffe, Prozesse und Produkte

Mitglied - Professorin

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Experimental Investigation of the Pressure Dependence of Iso-Octane Combustion

S. Shaqiri, D. Kaczmarek, F. vom Lehn, J. Beeckmann, H. Pitsch, T. Kasper, Frontiers in Energy Research (2022), 10

<jats:p>Iso-octane is frequently used as a surrogate fuel or as a component in primary reference fuel blends when low-temperature combustion strategies in engines are investigated. To develop control strategies for these engines, the reaction kinetics of iso-octane must be known starting from the low temperatures and intermediate pressures before ignition to the high temperatures and pressures of combustion. This work adds new experimental data sets to the validation data for reaction mechanism development by investigating the oxidation of iso-octane in stoichiometric mixtures in a flow reactor at pressures of <jats:italic>p</jats:italic> = 1, 10, and 20 bar and 473K ≤ T ≤ 973 K. The experimental data are compared to simulations with recent reaction mechanisms [Atef et al., Combustion and Flame 178, (2017), Bagheri et al., Combustion and Flame 212, (2020), Cai et al., Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 37, (2018), Fang et al., Combustion and Flame 214, (2020)]. The comparison between experimental and simulated mole fractions as function of temperature show reasonable agreement for all investigated pressures. In particular, the experimentally observed onset of low-temperature reactivity above a certain pressure, the shift of the negative temperature coefficient (NTC) regime with increasing pressure to higher temperatures, and the acceleration of the high-temperature chemistry are captured well in the simulations. Deviations between experimental and simulated results are discussed in detail for the reactivity of iso-octane and some key intermediates such as 2,2,4,4-tetramethyl-tetrahydrofuran, iso-butene and acetone at low temperatures.</jats:p>

Nitrous acid in high-pressure oxidation of CH4 doped with nitric oxide: Challenges in the isomer-selective detection and quantification of an elusive intermediate

M. Hoener, T. Kasper, Combustion and Flame (2022), 243, 112096


Experimental and kinetic modeling study of the positive ions in premixed ethylene flames over a range of equivalence ratios

D.A. Knyazkov, A.V. Cherepanov, V.G. Kiselev, I.E. Gerasimov, T. Kasper, A.G. Shmakov, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute (2022)


Activation effect of ozone and DME on the partial oxidation of natural gas surrogates and validation of pressure-dependent ozone decomposition

D. Kaczmarek, T. Bierkandt, C. Rudolph, S. Grimm, S. Shaqiri, M. Höner, N. Gaiser, B. Atakan, M. Köhler, P. Hemberger, T. Kasper, Applications in Energy and Combustion Science (2022), 100107


A new dual matrix burner for one-dimensional investigation of aerosol flames

S. Apazeller, M. Gonchikzhapov, M. Nanjaiah, T. Kasper, I. Wlokas, H. Wiggers, C. Schulz, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute (2022)


Kinetic investigation of the ozone-assisted partial oxidation of fuel-rich natural gas mixtures at elevated pressure

D. Kaczmarek, C. Rudolph, B. Atakan, T. Kasper, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute (2022)


A combustion chemistry study of tetramethylethylene in a laminar premixed low-pressure hydrogen flame

T. Bierkandt, P. Hemberger, P. Oßwald, N. Gaiser, M. Hoener, D. Krüger, T. Kasper, M. Köhler, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute (2022)


Aluminum Diethylphosphinate as a Flame Retardant for Polyethylene: Investigation of the Pyrolysis and Combustion Behavior of PE/AlPi-Mixtures

S. Lau, M. Gonchikzhapov, A. Paletsky, A. Shmakov, O. Korobeinichev, T. Kasper, B. Atakan, Combustion and Flame (2022), 240, 112006



Decomposition Reactions of Fe(CO)<sub>5</sub>, Fe(C<sub>5</sub>H<sub>5</sub>)<sub>2</sub>, and TTIP as Precursors for the Spray-Flame Synthesis of Nanoparticles in Partial Spray Evaporation at Low Temperatures

M. Gonchikzhapov, T. Kasper, Industrial &amp; Engineering Chemistry Research (2020), 59(18), pp. 8551-8561



Chemistry of iron nitrate-based precursor solutions for spray-flame synthesis

M.F.B. Stodt, M. Gonchikzhapov, T. Kasper, U. Fritsching, J. Kiefer, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2019), 21(44), pp. 24793-24801

<p>Understanding the chemistry of precursor solutions for spray-flame synthesis is a key step to developing inexpensive and large scale applications for tailored nanoparticles.</p>

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