Prof. Dr. Tina Kasper

Head - Professor
Office Address:
Pohlweg 55
33098 Paderborn
Key research area Sustainable Materials, Processes and Products
Member - Professor


Latest Publications

Fast model-based calibration of multiple injections for a CI engine using nonlinear optimal control

G. Moretto, N. Schnell, J. Frey, Y. Karakaya, A. Amstutz, M. Diehl, T. Kasper, C. Onder, Control Engineering Practice 145 (2024) 105848.

Alterungsmechanismen von Haushaltskältegeräten

A. Paul, E. Baumhögger, A. Elsner, M. Reineke, T. Kasper, D. Schumacher, J. Vrabec, C. Hüppe, R. Stamminger, H. Hölscher, R. Stoll, H. Wagner, U. Gries, W. Becker, in: Deutscher Kälte‐ und Klimatechnischer Verein e.V. (Ed.), Deutscher Kälte‐ und Klimatechnischer Verein e.V., Hannover, 2023.

Revisiting the initial reaction rates for TMS combustion and a new evidence for metastable silica nanoparticles in the gas-phase synthesis

Y. Karakaya, H. Somnitz, A. Hermsen, M. Gonchikzhapov, T. Kasper, Applications in Energy and Combustion Science 14 (2023).

Thermal and chemical structure of ethanol and 2-ethylhexanoic acid/ethanol SpraySyn flames

M. Gonchikzhapov, T. Kasper, Applications in Energy and Combustion Science 15 (2023).

Nanoparticle Concentration Measurement in Flame Spray Pyrolysis (Poster)

O. Massopo, H.-J. Schmid, M. Gonchikzhapov, T. Kasper, in: 2023.

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