Liv­ing in Pader­born

In the months before the start of the semester, it can certainly be somewhat difficult to find a suitable flat or room in Paderborn - cheap accommodation is in high demand at this time. Especially in the summer months of July-September, many first-year students are looking for accommodation.

Compared to other university cities, Paderborn's housing market for students is somewhat more relaxed: while flats directly on campus or in the popular student neighbourhoods (e.g. Riemekeviertel, Ansgarviertel, Südstadt, Paderquellgebiet) are sometimes a little more difficult to find, students can switch to (often cheaper) alternatives in the region (e.g. Schloß Neuhaus, Paderborn-Elsen). Transport connections to the university are then organised by bus and train.

Halls of res­id­ence and hous­ing of­fers

Res­id­ences of the Pader­born Stu­dent Uni­on

The Studierendenwerk manages six halls of residence in Paderborn. From single rooms to shared flats for 4 people, there is something for everyone here.

Private hous­ing of­fers via the Stud­i­er­enden­werk plat­form

The Studierendenwerk Paderborn provides a platform for private housing providers from Paderborn to advertise their offers.

Private dorm­it­ory Tech­no­lo­giepark

The Alexander Haindorf Haus is located in the new technology park on Südring and offers cleverly furnished flats for students and trainees.

Private res­id­en­tial home War­bur­ger Straße

The student residence of shipshape 101 offers affordable and attractive living space directly at the university, conceptually and architecturally exceptional.

Tips for find­ing a flat

  • Use the usual online housing exchanges (e.g.
  • Place a search advert in the local press (e.g. Neue Westfälische, Westfalen-Blatt).
  • Have a look at the Paderborn Facebook groups (e.g. students at Paderborn University, flats in the Riemekeviertel - Paderborn, group
    for flat share requests | WG-Zimmer und WG Wohnungen, Zimmer in Paderborn,...).
  • Find out about current rental prices in Paderborn.
  • For short-term accommodation, use the Paderborn Youth Hostel, for example.
  • Find out about housing benefit from Paderborn city council. Students are generally not entitled to this, but there are some

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