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Paderborn University in spring. Show image information

Paderborn University in spring.

Photo: Paderborn University, Kamil Glabica.


The Senate represents all university groups.

The Senate has the following duties:

  1. To confirm the election of the president and vice-presidents.
  2. To take position on the Executive Board annual report.
  3. To enact and change the university constitution, as well as other university regulations, unless otherwise stipulated by law.
  4. To make suggestions and take position on the university strategic development plan and agreement on objectives, on evaluation reports, on the financial plan, and on basic resource allocation within the university.


President Prof. Dr. Birgitt Riegraf

Professorial Representatives
Prof. Dr. Gregor Engels
Prof. Dr. Burkhard Hehenkamp 
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Heinrichs
Prof. Dr. Bernd Henning   
Prof. Dr. Heinz-Siegfried Kitzerow
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Klüners
Prof. Dr. Heiko Meier
Prof. Dr. Katharina Rohlfing
Prof. Dr. Merle Tönnies (Senate Speaker, E-Mail)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Tröster
Prof. Dr. Jutta Weber
Prof. Dr. Nancy Wünderlich

Academic Staff Representatives
Dr. Benjamin Brecht (Deputy Senate Speaker, E-Mail)
Dr. Sandra Drumm
Dr. Kristin Eichhorn
Dr. Steffen Jesinghausen
Dirk Prior
Dr. Christoph Singer

Further Staff Representatives
Thomas Arens
Dr. Barbara Flöing-Hering
Svenja Schaefer
Dr. Uta Wienhaus

Student Representatives
Gülcan Güngör
Lokman Kara
Azharuddin Kazi
Eduardo Lima da Silva
Gerrit Pape
Nikolai Rodehutskors

Ex Officio Members (non-voting)

  • The Vice-President of Operations
  • The Vice-Presidents
  • The Deans
  • The Equal Opportunities Officer
  • The Chairman of the Student Union
  • The Chairman of the Worker’s Council
  • The Severely Disabled Employee Officer
  • The Representative for Students with Handicap or Chronic Disease

The student representatives are elected for a term of one year and the other members for a term of two years.

Sascha Käuper (Administrative Office 2.4, protocol)


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