Campus map of Paderborn University

Download the current campus map of Paderborn University here.

Room indications

For room indications, the letters describe the building or part of the building (e.g. ME0.203 = Mensa building). All buildings (or parts of buildings) on the Paderborn University campus are assigned letters, which are located on the respective external facade and above the lifts.

In the case of multi-digit numbers after the letter, the first number indicates the floor and the numbers after the dot indicate the room number (e. g. W1.101 = building W, 1st floor, room 101).

A single number after the letter indicates a lecture hall (e. g. A1 = Lecture Hall A1), whereby these lecture halls are usually located on the ground floor. In addition, there are also "free-standing" lecture halls that do not have an additional number (e. g. G or the Audimax (AM)).

Exception: In the P complex, the first number indicates the part of the building (e.g. P1 = building P1), the floors and room numbers follow (e.g. P4.3.02 = building P4, 3rd floor, room 02).


Technology Park

How to reach us

By car: Paderborn is situated along the A33 motorway and can be reached via the A2 or A44 motorways. Take the exit "Paderborn Zentrum" and then follow the signs to "Universität" along the B64.

By public transport: From Paderborn main train station take any of the following buses to the university: Line 4 direction "Dahl", Line 9 direction "Kaukenberg", Line 68 direction "Schöne Aussicht", Line "UNI" during the semester. For the campus "Fürstenallee/Zukunftsmeile", take bus number 11. Further Information and schedules:

By air: The airport Paderborn-Lippstadt is located 20 km from Paderborn an can be reached by bus (Lines 400 and S60 BBH). The closest international airports are Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, and Hanover. Further information and flight schedules: