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Proof of concept for incremental sheet metal forming by means of electromagnetic and electrohydraulic high-speed forming
M. Holzmüller, M. Linnemann, W. Homberg, V. Psyk, V. Kräusel, J. Kroos, in: Materials Research Proceedings, Materials Research Forum LLC, 2023, pp. 11–18.
Investigation of Pressure Fields Generated by Two Simultaneous Discharges in Liquid Initiated by Wires
M. Knyazyev, M. Holzmüller, W. Homberg, Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing 7 (2023).
Thermo-hydraulic Performance of Pillow-Plate Heat Exchangers with Secondary Structuring: A Numerical Analysis
R. Afsahnoudeh, A. Wortmeier, M. Holzmüller, Y. XGong, W. Homberg, E.Y. Kenig, Energies 16 (2023).
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