Frederik Hankeln


Laboringenieur - Mitarbeiter
Team Labor
Mersinweg 7
33100 Paderborn


Aktuelle Publikationen

A mesoscopic model for deep drawing of carbon fibre prepregs at large strains

F. Hankeln, R. Mahnken, Composite Structures (2013) 340–350.

Manufacturing Processes for Combined Forming of Multi-Material Structures Consisting of Sheet Metal and Local CFRP Reinforcements

H.C. Schmidt, U. Damerow, C. Lauter, B. Gorny, F. Hankeln, W. Homberg, T. Tröster, H.J. Maier, R. Mahnken, Key Engineering Materials (2012) 295–300.

Simulation and manufacturing of deep drawn parts reinforced by carbon fibre prepregs

B. Gorny, F. Hankeln, C. Lauter, H.C. Schmidt, U. Damerow, R. Mahnken, H.J. Maier, T. Tröster, W. Homberg, in: 2012.

Simulation of Deep Drawing of Carbon Fibre Prepregs

F. Hankeln, R. Mahnken, PAMM (2011) 379–380.

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