Dr. Evan Meyer-Scott

Pohlweg 47-49
33098 Paderborn

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I have a BSc in Engineering Physics from the University of Alberta, and an MSc in Physics and a PhD in Physics (Quantum Information) from the University of Waterloo, supervised by Dr. Thomas Jennewein. In my MSc I implemented quantum key distribution in real-world settings, towards quantum cryptography both in optical fibres, and in free-space using satellites. My PhD focused on ways to detect photons without destroying them for quantum communications applications. This culminated in an implementation of photonic qubit precertification, where I certified the presence of a photon by splitting it in two and detecting one of the pair, leaving the initial qubit state untouched. While a student I also spent four months at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, where I was part of the team that performed one of the first loophole-free tests of Bell’s inequalities.