Dr. Marvin Krenz

Theoretische Materialphysik

Mitglied - Postdoc

Pohlweg 55
33098 Paderborn


Aktuelle Publikationen

Bound polaron formation in lithium niobate from ab initio molecular dynamics
M. Krenz, U. Gerstmann, W.G. Schmidt, Applied Physics A 128 (2022) 480.
Photochemical Ring Opening of Oxirane Modeled by Constrained Density Functional Theory
M. Krenz, U. Gerstmann, W.G. Schmidt, ACS Omega (2020) 24057–24063.
Excited-state band mapping and momentum-resolved ultrafast population dynamics in In/Si(111) nanowires investigated with XUV-based time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
C.W. Nicholson, M. Puppin, A. Lücke, U. Gerstmann, M. Krenz, W.G. Schmidt, L. Rettig, R. Ernstorfer, M. Wolf, Physical Review B 99 (2019).
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