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Aktuelle Publikationen

Recapturing Old England – Nostalgia, Aristo-Anglophilia, and the Historical Roots of ITV’s ‘Downton Abbey’
F. Behler, Interdisciplinary Discourses, Education and Analysis (IDEA) 1 (2023) 5–21.
(Re-)inventing Biblical Traditions: The Representation of Pontius Pilate in Contemporary Historical Fiction
F. Behler, in: Narrative Ethics and Character in the Representation of the Past in Contemporary Fiction, 2023.
'He'd seen it in the words of Owen and Brooke': The Influence of Great War Poetry on Post-Millennium Soldier Poetry
F. Behler, Anglica: An International Journal of English Studies 23 (2023) 25–46.
He’d seen it in the words of Owen and Brooke': Toward a Renaissance of Soldier Poetry in Twenty-First Century Britain
F. Behler, in: ESSE Conference 2022. Seminar: British and Irish Poetry after the Turn of the Millennium: Trends, Public/Counterpublic, Institutions. Organisation: Professor David Malcomb (University of Gdansk), Wolfgang Görtschacher (University of Salzburg), 2022.
Configuring the War-Zone: Battlefields as Markers of Glory and Catastrophe in Modern and Contemporary British Literature
F. Behler, in: Artistic Practices of (Un-)Making Place. Organisation: Professor Mihaela Irimia (University of Bukarest), Univ. Professor Christoph Singer (University of Innsbruck), Professor Christoph Ehland (University of Paderborn), 2022.
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