Stefan Heid, M.Sc.

Sonderforschungsbereich Transregio 318
Mitglied - Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Doktorand C02
Zukunftsmeile 2
33102 Paderborn
Zukunftsmeile 2
33102 Paderborn


Aktuelle Publikationen

Safe Bayesian Optimization for Data-Driven Power Electronics Control Design in Microgrids: From Simulations to Real-World Experiments
D. Weber, S. Heid, H. Bode, J. Lange, E. Hüllermeier, O. Wallscheid, IEEE Access 9 (2021) 35654–35669.
Towards a Scalable and Flexible Simulation and Testing Environment Toolbox for Intelligent Microgrid Control
H. Bode, S.H. Heid, D. Weber, E. Hüllermeier, O. Wallscheid, ArXiv:2005.04869 (2020).
Constrained Multi-Agent Optimization with Unbounded Information Delay
S.H. Heid, A. Ramaswamy, E. Hüllermeier, in: Proceedings-30. Workshop Computational Intelligence: Berlin, 26.-27. November 2020, 2020, p. 247.
Reliable Part-of-Speech Tagging of Historical Corpora through Set-Valued Prediction
S.H. Heid, M.D. Wever, E. Hüllermeier, Journal of Data Mining and Digital Humanities (n.d.).
OMG: A scalable and flexible simulation and testing environment toolbox for intelligent microgrid control
S. Heid, D. Weber, H. Bode, E. Hüllermeier, O. Wallscheid, Journal of Open Source Software 5 (2020) 2435.
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