M.Sc. Tobias Hardes

Software Innovation Campus Paderborn (SICP)

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Zukunftsmeile 2
33102 Paderborn

Mittwoch, 12:00h - 13:00h

Mittwoch, 16:00h - 18:00h


Aktuelle Publikationen

Multi-Technology Cooperative Driving: An Analysis Based on PLEXE
M. Segata, R. Lo Cigno, T. Hardes, J. Heinovski, M. Schettler, B. Bloessl, C. Sommer, F. Dressler, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 22 (2023) 4792–4806.
Improving Platooning Safety with Full Duplex Relaying and Beamforming
T. Hardes, F. Klingler, C. Sommer, in: IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference 2023 (WCNC 2023), IEEE, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 2023.
Opportunistic Airborne Virtual Network Infrastructure for Urban Wireless Networks
T. Hardes, C. Sommer, Elsevier Computer Communications (2023).
Poster: A Case for Heterogenous Co-Simulation of Cooperative and Autonomous Driving
T. Hardes, I. Turcanu, C. Sommer, in: 14th IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC 2023), IEEE, Istanbul, Turkey, 2023.
Design and Evaluation of an AR Voice-based Indoor UAV Assistant for Smart Home Scenarios
R. Helmert, T. Hardes, E. Yigitbas, in: Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Spatial User Interaction (SUI 2023), ACM, 2023.
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