Dr. Tobias Kenter

Mitglied - Postdoc

Mitglied - Postdoc
Mitglied - Postdoc
Fachberater FPGA Beschleunigung
Mersinweg 5
33100 Paderborn


Aktuelle Publikationen

Optimizing Communication for Latency Sensitive HPC Applications on up to 48 FPGAs Using ACCL

M. Meyer, T. Kenter, L. Petrica, K. O’Brien, M. Blott, C. Plessl, ArXiv:2403.18374 (2024).

Optimisation and Evaluation of Breadth First Search with oneAPI/SYCL on Intel FPGAs: from Describing Algorithms to Describing Architectures

K. Olgu, T. Kenter, J. Nunez-Yanez, S. Mcintosh-Smith, in: Proceedings of the 12th International Workshop on OpenCL and SYCL, ACM, 2024.

Noctua 2 Supercomputer

C. Bauer, T. Kenter, M. Lass, L. Mazur, M. Meyer, H. Nitsche, H. Riebler, R. Schade, M. Schwarz, N. Winnwa, A. Wiens, X. Wu, C. Plessl, J. Simon, Journal of Large-Scale Research Facilities 9 (2024).

Enabling Performance Portability for Shallow Water Equations on CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs with SYCL

M. Büttner, C. Alt, T. Kenter, H. Köstler, C. Plessl, V. Aizinger, in: Proceedings of the Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing Conference (PASC), ACM, 2024.

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