Dr. Dennis Wolters

Software Innovation Campus Paderborn (SICP)

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Zukunftsmeile 2
33102 Paderborn


Aktuelle Publikationen

Model-driven Collaborative Design of Professional Education Programmes With Extended Online Whiteboards

D. Wolters, G. Engels, in: MODELSWARD’23, SCITEPRESS, n.d., pp. 133–142.

Towards Situational Process Management for Professional Education Programmes

D. Wolters, G. Engels, in: D. Taibi, M. Kuhrmann, T. Mikkonen, J. Klünder, P. Abrahamsson (Eds.), Product-Focused Software Process Improvement, Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2022, pp. 235–242.

Model-driven Design and Management of Professional Education Programmes

D. Wolters, G. Engels, in: ICSOB’22 Companion Proceedings, CEUR, 2022.

Specifying Web Interfaces for Command-line Applications Based on OpenAPI

D. Wolters, J. Kirchhoff, G. Engels, in: S. Yangui, A. Bouguettaya, X. Xue, N. Faci, W. Gaaloul, Q. Yu, Z. Zhou, N. Hernandez, E.Y. Nakagawa (Eds.), Service-Oriented Computing – ICSOC 2019 Workshops, Springer, 2019, pp. 30–41.

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