Trade fair ap­pea­ran­ce of the DM­RC at the Ra­pid.Tech 2017

The DMRC had a successfull trade-fair appearance at the Rapid.Tech 2017 in Erfurt, Germany from 20 to 22 June 2017. Together with our industry partners Stükerjürgen Aerospace (SAC), Klaeger Sägen and Heraeus, we had a booth on which new contacts were established and many interesting discussions took place.
Eight scientific assistants gave presentations on their latest research results and Prof. Dr. Detmar Zimmer was the chairman of the "Konstrukteurstag" (Design Engineers' Day). Furthermore, the DMRC participated in meetings of the VDI and DIN.

The following presentations were held by the DMRC:

  • Development of an additive manufactured foot orthosis (Lena Risse)
  • Reproducibility of Dimensional Accuracy in Fused Deposition Modeling (Frederick Knoop)
  • Development of an additively manufactured Leightweight Rotor Shaft for a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine (Thomas Künneke)
  • Reliable design of a laser-melted five-arm crank (Jan-Peter Brüggemann)
  • Way of AM integration into existing companies (Anne Kruse)
  • Polymer Lasersintering of new Materials (Nylon 6) (Johannes Lohn)
  • Dimensional tolerances for additive manufacturing: Experimental investigation for laser sintering (Tobias Lieneke)
  • Material combination in additive manufacturing (Dominik Ahlers)

Are you interested in the presentations or publications? Please feel free to contact us!

DMRC booth at the Rapid.Tech 2017