DM­RC at SFF Sym­po­si­um 2016, Aus­tin, TX (USA)

The Solid Freeform Fabrication (SFF) Symposium was held August 8-10, 2016 in Austin, Texas (USA). It is one of the most important scientific conferences on Additive Manufacturing and gives the opportunity to present and discuss current scientific results with international experts. This adds important value to the work of the DMRC and provides new ideas and methods for further project work. The DMRC participated with five researchers giving the following presentations:

  • Stefan Josupeit: Manufacturability and mechanical Characterization of Laser Sintered Lattice Structures
  • Stefan Josupeit: Influences on the Dimensional Accuracy of Laser Sintered Parts along the process Chain
  • Johannes Lohn: Laser Sintering of Polyamide 6
  • Matthias Fischer: Fatigue Behavior of FDM Parts Manufactured with Ultem 9085
  • Ulrich Jahnke: Production-integrated Markings for Traceability of AM Parts in the Context of Industry 4.0
  • Gereon Deppe: Supporting the Decision Process for applying Additive Manufacturing in the MRO Aerospace Business by MADM
  • Christian Lindemann: Cost Efficient Design and Planning for Additive Manufacturing Technologies
  • Thomas Reiher: Product Optimization with and for Additive Manufacturing
Johannes Lohn with his presentation on "Laser Sintering of Polyamide 6"