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International Tuesdays

Internationalisation at Paderborn University is a cross-sectional task and involves a great variety of units and people. To successfully promote Paderborn University’s internationalisation process, cooperation and exchange are key.

The new format "International Tuesdays" therefore intends to provide opportunities for

  • the exchange of ideas, experiences and best practices
  • interdisciplinary, cross-sectional networking
  • getting up-to-date information
  • discussions
  • the creation and exploration of synergies


After the International Tuesdays took place in the summer semester 2021 for the first time, the event series will continue in the winter semester 2021/22. Starting on 23 November 2021, a virtual event with an international focus will take place every Tuesday between 1 and 2 pm*. The events will each be organised by different departments and members of UPB, and different target groups will be addressed depending on the event. Members of UPB can  select the events that are of interest to them and - in some cases after prior registration - participate in the respective event. Further information on the target groups and the contents of each event can be found below. Questions, suggestions and ideas are always welcome!

We are currently planning the programme for the summer semester 2022.


Unless otherwise noted, events will take place via Zoom at the following link:

Meeting-ID: 961 6148 0313
Security Code: 232669

We are very much looking forward to exchanging information, ideas and experiences during the International Tuesdays!


23 November: International matters at AStA and ASV
Organiser: AStA & ASV
Target Group: All those interested

Currently, approximately 2.800 international students are enrolled at UPB. They are supported by various institutions, individuals and initiatives. Students themselves play an important role in supporting international students. For example, the ASV (Ausländische Studierenden-Vertretung) advises international students, accompanies them to authorities and organizes various events during the semester. In addition, the section “International matters” of the AStA serves as a contact point for international students. Apart from that, it offers a great variety of events and support.

On 23 November, the AStA and the ASV will introduce themselves and give an insight into their work.

Format: Information Session
Language: English
30 November: Paderborn University's Technical Intercultural China Competence Center (TiCK)
Organiser: Dr. Nicole Terne, TiCK (Technical Intercultural China Competence Center)
Target Group: all those interested

Since 2019, UPB's Technical-Intercultural China Competence Center (TiCK) has been offering students and scientists interested in studying, teaching or doing research in China the opportunity to network with partners from Chinese universities, industry and trade as well as with public institutions in order to gain experience in China. On 30 November,  the team of the TiCK project will give an overview of the project and provide an insight into the various offers.

Format: Information session
Language: German
7 December: International Marketing
Organiser: International Office (Stefan Schwan)
Target Group:

All those interested

Those involved in marketing activities, programme coordinators, lecturers, ...


International university marketing mainly relies on the use of online tools. Some swear by Google Ads, others by social media. Both have their justification, but usually cost a lot of time and / or money. The event will present tools and providers that can be used to advertise study programs with little effort and a manageable use of resources. In addition, tools will be presented that can be used to optimise international marketing.

Format: Information session
Language: German
14 December: Being a partner in a European collaborative project - what's in it for me?

Dep. 2.2 / Dr. Katharina König, Jutta Deppe

Target Group: Early career researchers (PhD students, Postdocs, “junior professors”)

There are many ways to get your research project funded. If you want to do research in an international team, you should look into European collaborative research. As part of the International Tuesdays, we’ll provide information about European collaborative projects and talk to Mr. Julian Wächter. As part of his job as a research assistant at the DMRC he is currently working in the RIB-AM project of Prof. Moritzer.

Format: Information event with interview and opportunities for exchange with the speakers.
Language: German
21 December: Internationalisation at Paderborn University
Organiser: Prof. Dr. Torsten Meier, Vice President for International Relations
Target Group:

All those interested

  • researchers
  • administrative staff of the central administration, faculties and other departments/institutions
  • representatives for international affairs
  • students / student representatives
Description: Prof. Dr. Torsten Meier will provide an overview of current internationalisation activities at Paderborn University. The event will focus on the planned application as a European University as part of the European Universities Initiative.
Format: Information event
Language: German
11 January: Best Practices at UPB: ISP & International Students Forum at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics
Organiser: Prof. Dr. Stefan Jungblut
Target Group: All those interested

The demand for shorter stays abroad, for example for spring or summer schools, is still increasing among both international and German students.

For several years now, Paderborn University’s Faculty of Business Administration and Economics has been offering summer schools for students from the Japanese partner university Tohoku. Since 2015, students from Paderborn can also take part in the summer school. Since the winter semester 2016/17, the two-week International Spring Program (ISP) is taking place, which is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Stefan Jungblut in cooperation with the Office for International Affairs of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics. The ISP programme allows students from Tohoku University, the Vietnamese Foreign Trade University and Paderborn University to work on joint project topics in international teams.

In 2022, the International Students Forum (ISF) will also take place at Paderborn University. In addition to Paderborn University, Ewha Womans University (South Korea), Oita University (Japan), Vietnam National University, Chiang Mai University (Thailand) and Shenzhen University (China) are involved in the forum. The aim is to bring together students from different economic regions and cultural backgrounds to enable them to build an academic network to discuss global economic and social challenges.

During the event on 11 January 2022, Prof. Jungblut will give a short insight into the two programmes. There will also be time for an exchange on short-term programmes for students.

Information on the Faculty’s focus on Asia

Format: Information & Exchange
Language: German
18 January: Virtual Mobility in Language courses
Organiser: Centre for Language Studies (ZfS), Dr. Sigrid Behrent
Target group: All those interested

One of the goals of the language courses that the ZfS offer is to prepare students for a stay abroad (e.g. semester abroad or internship). We will show how we are preparing students for their stay abroad, using examples from courses in different languages (e.g. French, Spanish, Swedish).

In addition, we will provide examples of virtual mobility a a new way to bring students into contact with native speakers. The methods can easily be transferred to other subjects.

You can also learn more about our offers regarding language learning for outgoing students.

Format: Information event
Language: German
25 January: Development of an international Marie Sklodowska Curie doctoral network

Dep. 2.2 / Dr. Katharina König, Jutta Deppe

Target Group:



For many years, the Marie Sklodowska Curie Programme has been an instrument to provide funding for the promotion of international doctoral networks. As part of the International Tuesdays we’ll provide information about this programme, which is part of Horizon Europe. We’ll also interview Prof. Dr. A. Ngonga from the field of Data Science, who coordinates the MSC doctoral network "KnowGraphs" at Paderborn University. After the interview, there will be an opportunity for exchange with the speakers.

Format: Information session with interview and opportunities for exchange with the speakers.
Language: German
1 February, 2pm: Working in International Organisations - UPB alumni share their experience
Organiser: International Alumni Relations Office & Campus OWL New York
Target Group: Students and recent graduates of UPB

Join us for a conversation about working in international organisations with alumni of UPB. Our guests will share their experience with working in the United Nations and other international organisations. We will also provide information about internship programmes and other possible career paths.

Please note that this event will start at 2 pm.

Format: Conversation with Q & A
Language: English
22. February: Information session on the application as a "European University" (Please note the new Zoomlink)

To strengthen Paderborn University’s long-term cooperation in Europe, increase our international visibility and promote mobility within Europe, Paderborn University and six partner universities from France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Poland and Croatia have formed the alliance "COLOURS".

Currently, the Alliance is preparing an application for the European Commission's call "European Universities", which supports the development of profound institutional transnational cooperation.

We would like to inform you about the planned application and cordially invite you to a virtual information session on 22 February 2022 from 1 to 2 pm: 

Meeting ID: 992 6839 3839

Code: 263537

Vice-President Torsten Meier will provide some general information on the European Universities Initiative and inform about planned activities of the newly founded Alliance.

A brief overview of the initiative and the Alliance can be found here (in English). Detailed background information on the European Universities Initiative is provided on the following web page:   

Please note that the session will take place in German.


If you have any questions regarding a specific event, please contact the organisers directly; For general questions, feedback or suggestions, please contact Davina Stiller.


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