We, the science, study and work location Paderborn University, align our actions sustainably in order to do justice to global responsibility and a sustainable shaping of society, intergenerational justice and the preservation of the natural foundations of life. We are guided by the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, the EU Green Deal and the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Together, it means taking responsibility for the here and now and for future generations.

Responsible use of natural resources, equal access to clean water, modern energy supply and quality education are fundamental challenges of our time. The United Nations has therefore set them out in the 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In addition, the European Commission adopted the EU Green Deal in 2019. The goal is to emit no more net greenhouse gases by 2050, to decouple growth from resource use and to leave no one, neither people nor regions, in the lurch.


Sustainability Office

The sustainability office is strategically linked to the vice presidents and forms a building block for the sustainable transformation process. Contact us or accompany us on our way to more sustainability at Paderborn University.

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Sustainability group

The sustainability group at Paderborn University is institutionally linked to the Vice President for Business and Human Resources Administration and the Vice President for Knowledge and Technology Transfer. All status groups and all faculties of Paderborn University are represented and jointly develop the transformation.

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Sustainable research

We, the Paderborn University, conduct cooperative research in many projects internally and externally with a focus on sustainability topics: on the one hand, in various research areas that have an ecological, economic or social sustainability connection, and on the other hand, in projects that network these aspects.

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Sustainable teaching

Our teaching is also broadly positioned in terms of ecological, economic and social sustainability. The expansion and networking of sustainable teaching, as well as the creation of new approaches, is the focus of our transformation.

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Sustainable networking

You want to network and get involved? Then you've come to the right place. The transformation to more sustainability can only succeed together. We network internally and externally to exchange ideas on sustainability issues and transformation processes.

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Sustainability Lecture Series

The lecture series, with speakers from various fields, deals with a new topic related to sustainability every week. Not only ecological aspects are considered, but also social and economic aspects.

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ESD working group

The groups Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) of the PLAZ - Professional School of Education is committed to the high-quality education of future generations in the field of ESD in teacher training. To this end, proposals and measures are being developed for anchoring the topic complex at Paderborn University.

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Sustainable foundation

The Technology Transfer and Start-up Centre at Paderborn University (TecUP) was founded in 2014. If the idea is missing, TecUP offers students interested in starting a business events and courses that help them take a step towards self-employment.

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Sustainability Initiative

In October 2020, a group of members of Paderborn University launched the "Sustainability Initiative". With the founding of this group, a process of sustainable development in teaching, research and operations is to be initiated in the medium term.

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Sustainability news


"UPB for Future": lecture series on sustainability with external speakers

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Energy-efficient artificial intelligence to reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions in data centres

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30 million euros for the New Mobility Paderborn

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Ensuring a sustainable future: new iron compound enabling numerous applications and saving significant amounts of CO2

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Students at Paderborn University make the campus forest grow

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New workshops on sustainability in engineering for the student lab and all of OWL

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