Recognition of study achievements from abroad

Learning Agreement

Learning Agreements must be concluded for all stays abroad for study purposes prior to the stay abroad. The Learning Agreement is mandatory for all stays abroad, no matter wether within the Erasmus+ region, worldwide or as Freemovers. The necessary form (for Worldwide students and Freemover) may be found in our download area. Erasmus+ Students shall make theirselves familiar with the sepcific rules and regulations for Erasmus+ Students.

The recognition of your academic achievements from abroad takes place in your faculty. Please refer to the websites of your faculty for information on the usual procedure. The Learning Agreement will in most cases be a prerequisite for any recognition of credits earned during a stay abroad.

Recognition websites of the faculties

Conversion of grades

The conversion of grades from abroad is carried out using grade conversion tables. If no table is availiable in your case, the Modified Bavarian Formular will be  used instead. Please contact your faculty for more information on the garde conversion method used.
Any complaints have to be directed to the examination board in charge, notwithstanding other ways to file a complaint may be used.

Diploma Supplement

Together with the certificate, a Diploma Supplement will be issued or digitally made available to all students of the University of Paderborn. A separate application for the Diploma Supplement is not necessary. For further questions regarding the Diploma Supplement please contact the Central Examination Office.