Tu­tori­al for the cre­ation of a Di­git­al Learn­ing Agree­ment (Dur­ing the mo­bil­ity)

If you want to make changes to your chosen courses during your stay abroad, you will need to create a Digital Learning Agreement (DLA).
This tutorial explains step by step how to fill in the Digital Learning Agreement in Mobility Online.

Important: Please do not complete the DLA until you have read the information on the Digital Learning Agreement and on credit transfer at your faculty.

Websites of the faculties

Note for students of Cultural Studies:

For students of Cultural Studies, there are additional steps that need to be taken before completing the Digital Learning Agreement. You can find all the necessary information here.

First, log into Mobility Online with your IMT account on the site.

Further advice:

In everyday communication, the term "OLA" (Online Learning Agreement) is often used. This is simply an alternative name for the DLA (Digital Learning Agreement). The DLA that you complete in Mobility Online is automatically sent electronically to your partner university.

Click on the link to enter the courses at your host university in the A2 table of the DLA.

You now have the option of adding and deleting courses:

Adding courses:

Enter the following details in the input mask:

  • Course number at the host university
  • Course name at the host university
  • Number of ECTS at the host university

Then click on the "Create new course" button to select your course.

Enter the following details for each course in the right-hand column of the input screen:

  • Course number at the home university
  • Course title at the home university
  • Number of ECTS at the home university

Then click on the "Create new course" button.

Added courses receive the symbol "A" for "Added".

Deleting courses:

Click on the recycle bin symbol for the relevant course and click on the "Delete" button.

Note: When entering the courses in Table A and Table B, please ensure that you
assign the courses appropriately or follow the order of the courses.

Deleted courses are marked with the symbol "D" for "Deleted".

Special case:

If no crediting of courses is planned, enter the following data as an example course:

  • Course number: 000
  • Course title: No crediting at the UPB desired
  • Number of ECTS: 0

Please note that the minimum number of 24 ECTS in Table A of the Digital Learning Agreement must be fulfilled, otherwise the Digital Learning Agreement cannot be approved.

After submitting the Digital Learning Agreement, you have the option to view the DLA under "View Digital Learning Agreement". You will be informed by email both in case of recognition and rejection of the DLA. In case of a rejection of the DLA, it is possible to reprocess the Digital Learning Agreement.


If there is no green tick in the application workflow step in Mobility Online "Learning Agreement signed by the host university" within one month, please contact the administrative contact person of your host university to complete the signature process.