Tu­tori­al for cre­at­ing the On­line Learn­ing Agree­ment (be­fore the mo­bil­ity)


Before you create a Digital Learning Agreement:
You only need to create a Digital Learning Agreement once you have been nominated at your host university.
You will be informed of a nomination by email.

The creation of a Digital Learning Agreement (DLA) is obligatory for Erasmus+ students who want to spend a semester abroad.
This tutorial explains step by step how to fill in the Digital Learning Agreement in Mobility Online.
The "Digital Learning Agreement - Before the Mobility" has to be completed before the start of your stay abroad.

Important: Please do not complete the DLA until you have read through the information on the Digital Learning Agreement and on credit transfer at your faculty.

Web pages of the faculties


Note for students of Cultural Studies:

For students of Faculty of Arts and Humanities, there are some further steps to take before completing the Digital Learning Agreement.

More detailed information can be found at:


First log into Mobility Online with your IMT account on the www.service4mobility.com/europe/LoginServlet page.


Further reference:

In everyday communication, the term "OLA" (Online Learning Agreement) is often used. This is simply an alternative name for the DLA (Digital Learning Agreement). The DLA that you fill out in Mobility Online is automatically sent electronically to your partner university.

Click on the link to enter the courses for your digital learning agreement.


Enter the following details in the input mask:

  • Course number at the host university
  • Course name at the host university
  • Number of ECTS at the host university

Then click on the button "Create new course".


Enter the following information in the input mask:

  •     Course number at Paderborn University
  •     Course name at the Paderborn University
  •     Number of ECTS at Paderborn University

Then click on the button "Create new course".

Note: When entering the courses in Table A and Table B, please ensure that you
assign the courses appropriately and observe the order of the courses.


Unless course credit is provided, enter the following data without quotation marks as a sample course:

  • Course number: "000"
  • Course name: "No recognition desired".
  • Number of ECTS: "0


Please note that the minimum number of 24 ECTS in Table A of the Digital Learning Agreement must be fulfilled, otherwise the Digital Learning Agreement cannot be submitted for examination.

Of the 24 ECTS, at least 15 ECTS must be passed.

Then click on "Sign DLA".

This step is mandatory.

The last step is to submit the Digital Learning Agreement.

To do this, click once on the link "Submit Digital Learning Agreement".

Note: If you tick the box here and then click on "Make changes", you will submit the Digital Learning Agreement!

It is no longer possible to edit the Learning Agreement afterwards!

After submitting the Learning Agreement, it will be checked by the relevant recognition officer.

After submitting the Digital Learning Agreement, you have the possibility to view the DLA by clicking on the link marked yellow in the screenshot.

The recognition officer of the University of Paderborn and your host institution will check your Digital Learning Agreement.

You will be informed by email in case of recognition as well as in case of rejection of the DLA.

In case of a rejection of the DLA, a new processing of the Digital Learning Agreement is possible.


If there is no green tick in the application workflow step in Mobility Online "Learning Agreement signed by the host university" within one month, please contact the administrative contact person of your host university to complete the signature process.

Important Notes

The courses taken at the partner university must have a scope of at least 24 ECTS per semester. This can also include non-subject-related courses (language courses, seminars on local culture, etc.).

After the mobility, you must be able to prove (via your ToR) that you have successfully completed at least 15 ECTS per semester at the partner university. If this is not the case, you may have to pay back your Erasmus+ grant.