The Erasmus+ Grant

for studies at a Partner University

In each study cycle (bachelor, master, PhD) you can receive an Erasmus+ grant for up to 12 months. In order to be eligible, your exchange at the partner university must last at least 3 months (90 days). One exception is an exchange lasting one trimester, which in some cases may be shorter than three months.

The grant amount depends on the host country and the respective country group classification.  Within the Erasmus+ programme countries are classified into three groups.

Your grant is calculated according to the exact number of days of the exchange. The DAAD sets new daily rates each funding year. The maximum funding period depends on the overall grant awarded to Paderborn University and the number of students in the respective funding year. According to the definition of the EU COM, a full mobility month is calculated in the Erasmus+ programme with exactly 30 days, regardless of the actual number of days. For example, if you spend your semester abroad from 01.09. to 15.02., this corresponds to a mobility period of 165 days, although October and December actually have 31 days. An exception is the month of February, if this is the last full month of the semester abroad. In this case it is counted as 28 days.

In some cases, your stay may be divided into funded and non-funded days (zero grant days) meaning that you will not receive a grant for the complete duration of your stay.  Be sure to read the information in your personal grant agreement carefully.

You may receive an Erasmus+ grant of up to €300 per month without a reduction in your BAföG.

Further Information:

Documents to be submitted
The Learning Agreement
Online Liguistic Support (OLS)
Extension and Shortaning of Stay
Special Funding

Information for selected future exchange students

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