Trav­el­ing to Pader­born

By Plane 

Paderborn Airport is located 20 kilometres south of Paderborn and can be easily reached by public bus. The express bus line S60 (operated by DB Ostwestfalen-Lippe-Bus) runs between Paderborn main station and the airport. The S60 only takes 20 minutes to complete the journey. Another bus line that connects the airport with Paderborn is the SK5 line.

Click here for the bus timetable.

The airports of Düsseldorf, Cologne, Dortmund and Hanover are two hours away from Paderborn by train. Frankfurt Airport can be reached in around four hours.

By Train

From Paderborn Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) there are direct train connections to Düsseldorf Airport; from other airports you will have to change trains. It is recommended to visit the homepage of the German train system, the Deutsche Bahn to get information on how to reach Paderborn. If you need assistance, please ask your buddy to help you.

Bus lines Central Station - University:

From Paderborn main station you can reach the university (destination stop is "Uni/Südring" or "Schöne Aussicht") within a few minutes with the following bus lines:

  •      UNI line in the direction of Uni/Südring (only during the lecture period).
  •      Line 4 in the direction of Dahl
  •      Line 9 in the direction of Kaukenberg
  •      Alternatively, you can take line 68 (direction and bus stop "Uni/Schöne Aussicht")

You can find the timetable for the Padersprinter busses here.

By Car

Paderborn is also easy to reach by car, as it is located directly on the A33 motorway. Leave the motorway at the exit “Paderborn Zentrum” and follow the signs to the “Zentrum” (city center) and then to the “Universität” (Please note: Sometimes the signs can be very small and hard to see).

By Long Distance Bus

Some long-distance coaches pass through Paderborn (e.g. Flixbux or For example, there is a direct connecting from England or Poland to Paderborn, plus bus connections between Paderborn and many German cities, such as Bielefeld, Hannover, and Dortmund.

Campus Map

You can find the campus map here

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