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We want your stay in Paderborn to be rewarding and a benefit for you in every aspect!

It is our aim that you study successfully, improve your German language skills, and get to know Germany and its culture. We hope that you will cultivate many friendships with German and international students and can develop important intercultural competencies. We are committed to providing you with the best support possible!

Offers for Exchange Students

Together with the International Office of the University, the student initiative Eurobiz organises an orientation and event programme for exchange students.

As part of the event program, numerous day and weekend excursions, international country nights, sport activities, pub crawls and get togethers take place during the semester. A weekly meeting in a local pub (Stammtisch) offers exchange and Eurobiz students the opportunity to get to know each other even better.

All members of Eurobiz work on a voluntary basis. They have either already studied abroad or are planning a stay abroad. They really enjoy helping the exchange students in Paderborn and taking part in the activities.

Tip: After your arrival, sign up for the Eurobiz email list or Facebook group so that you can be informed about their activities in a timely manner.

Eurobiz e. V.
Büro: SP2.010
Tel.: +49 (5251) 60 35 68
E-Mail: post(at)eurobiz.upb(dot)de


Orientation and Event Program

The orientation program is carried out in cooperation with the International Office and the Eurobiz team before and during the semester. It includes the following activities, and more:

  • A welcome event where the first steps in Paderborn and administrative questions are clarified. The event usually takes place on the same day as the placement test for the German crash course. Students who do not participate in this course and therefore arrive later will be welcomed directly at the International Office upon arrival.
  • A guided tour of the campus and the university
  • An intercultural workshop on "Living and Studying in Germany
  • City tour with the assistance of Eurobiz
  • Information presentation: “What to expect in Germany?”
  • Excursions, weekend and day trips, and country evenings and much more, organized by the Eurobiz team.

The event program contains numerous activities for exchange students that are organised by the Eurobiz team, such as day trips, weekend excursions, country nights, etc. Shortly before the start of our program, you will receive our "Arrival Mail" with - among other things - an overview of all activities during the semester.

Buddy Program

To make your start in Paderborn easier, the International Office will be happy to arrange a buddy for you on request - i.e. a Paderborn student who will help you with the first steps in your new home from home.

Your buddy will help you with the administrative steps, e.g. setting up a bank and university account, registering with the Residents' Registration Office, etc. In addition, he or she can of course help you with general questions: Where is the best place to go shopping? Where is the nearest bus stop? And how does waste separation work?

With your buddy, you have a helpful contact person in Paderborn - and sometimes a buddy relationship develops into a life-long friendship.


Informationen zu Eurobiz

Eurobiz Programme

Here you will find the events of the current semester.


Tandem Learning

Do you want to improve your language skills with a tandem partner?


Professional support?

Please note the free support offers of the Student Advise Center (ZSB).

The University for the Information Society