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About the University

The Paderborn University with its approx. 20,000 students is a mid-sized fully accredited state university offering all types of degrees, including PhDs and post-doctoral lecture qualifications. It offers a broad spectrum of subjects in five faculties:

The University attaches great importance to the internationalisation of research and teaching. Around 1,500 foreign students and many visiting academics and lecturers create an international atmosphere on campus.

Our approximately 200 worldwide university partnerships are the result of long-term research collaborations. Every year, around 350 Paderborn students are sent abroad and, in return, students from the partner universities come to Paderborn.


Programmes and courses for exchange students

Academic Programme for Exchange Students

Exchange students are free to choose from most of the courses offered in their field of study at the Paderborn University.

International graduate courses that are taught entirely in English include:

These courses are open for graduate students as well as advanced undergraduate students with sufficient prior knowledge of the subject matter.

Find more information here.

Support Programme

The University of Paderborn attaches great importance to the support of your exchange students. This includes the following :

  • accommodation in dormitories on camppus, organised by the university
  • 1:1 buddy system to help students settle in and ensure a smooth transition into the "German way of life"
  • Academic and non-academic orientation events
  • Comprehensive cultural semester programme with day and weekend excursions, parties, museum visits and other events organised by the student association Eurobiz
  • Semester ticket (included in the Semesterbeitrag: 340 €/semester) for unlimited use of local public transport in Paderborn and throughout the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia.
German Language Courses

UPB exchange students can currently choose from the folowing range of German language courses*:

  • Crash Course - 4 weeks before the official lecture period /start of the semester
  • Semester Course - 12 weeks during the lecture period

For exchange students, the courses are free of charge.

*Please note that the German course offer and course fee structure at Paderborn University is under regular review and may be subject to change.

About the City

Paderborn offers a friendly and safe environment to study, recreate and live.

Paderborn is located in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia and is a modern city with approximately 150,000 inhabitants. It is one of the economic centres of the East Westphalia region and home to some of the world's leading industrial companies such as Siemens, Diebold Nixdorf, Benteler, dSpace, Hella and Stute.

The town can look back on a long and interesting history. It was first mentioned in the historical records 1,200 years ago after the founding of the Holy Roman Empire.

Paderborn Video

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Paderborn Image Brochure

Image brochure of Paderborn


UPB Broschure

Broschure for Incoming - Exchange Students


Paderborn - Mein City!

Leisure activities in Paderborn

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