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The right choice – your courses

Paderborn University exchange students are basically free to choose courses from the entire course catalogue. 

The courses for all faculties are published in our campus management system PAUL . The program for the upcoming semester is published about two months before the start of the lecture period (ca. mid-February for the summer semester / mid-July for the winter semester).

  • Courses offered by the Faculty Business Administration and Economics can be found in the module catalogue of the faculty and more information in the module handbook. Please click here.
  • Information on the English taught Master degree programs at Paderborn University can be found here. These courses are open for graduate exchange students as well as advanced undergraduate students with sufficient prior knowledge of the subject matter.
  • For a general overview of English taught courses, choose a semester in the courses catalogue and then click at „Courses in English"!
  • Students of Business and Economics can find extended information on exchange studies at Paderborn University here.  
  • Students of Arts and Humanities can find extended information on exchange studies at Paderborn University here.  


Things to know

Learning Agreement

Please check with the coordinator of your home university if you need a learning agreement. If the future course catalogue is not yet available you can refer to the course catalogue of previous semesters and add those to your learning agreement. At the time of your arrival, the learning agreement is normally just temporary and can be changed or extended. In this case, please contact your academic coordinator at the Paderborn University and complete the learning agreement "Changes" form.

More detailled information about the Online Learning Agreement that Erasmus+ students have to issue you can find here.

Course Registration and Guidance

At the beginning of the semester, the International Office will arrange introductory sessions for all subjects and / or make appointments with your academic advisor in the faculty.

The formal registration for courses is not necessary before your arrival. Exception: Students of Business and Economics can register in advance for a few courses. The faculty will inform you about this possibility in time.

Transcript of Records

At the end of your stay in Paderborn you will receive a Transcript of Records from the International Office, in which each course will be listed with your grade and the ECTS points earned.


Typically, exams take place within 2-3 weeks after the official end of the lecture period. In some cases, exams might take place later than that! Therefore, please make sure to inform yourselves about exam dates once you are here in Paderborn and check this directly with your respective faculty and professors.

Required language skills for exchange students

For most courses, language skills on level B1 min. in the language of instruction are recommended.

A language certificate is not required.

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