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How to apply:

Please note: An exchange is possible only with an official partner university of Paderborn University.

  • First of all, an official nomination by the partner university is required. This means, the first step would be to apply for an exchange place at the International Office of your home university.
  • After successful nomination, you will receive a link to our online application portal from us via email. In the online application portal, you enter your personal data that are required for enrollment at  Paderborn University, and you can specify your wishes regarding accomodation, German Crash Course and Buddy Program. The mail contains also additional information to prepare your stay in Paderborn.
  • After successful application, you will receive a letter of acceptance and – shortly before your arrival - an offer for housing (if requested), and the contact information for your German buddy in Paderborn.

Important: The application deadline must be adhered to, because otherwise we might not be able reserve your accommodation. We cannot guarantee housing placement for applications that are submitted late, and if necessary, you must find your own housing!


Nomination Deadline 

  • 15 November for a start in the summer semester
  • 15 May for a start in the winter semester

Application forms need to sent by

  • 1 December for the summer semester
  • 1 June for the winter semester



The enrolment should take place in the first few days after arrival in Paderborn at the International Office. To do this, you have to complete a few steps to register at the university and in the city. Your buddy can help you with this. You can find more information here.

Health Insurance

Full coverage health insurance (a travel insurance during your stay is not enough!) is absolutely necessary in order to be able to enroll and study in Paderborn! All students in Germany must prove  that they have valid health insurance for the duration of their studies. More information is available here.

Semester Ticket and Student ID
  • Valid for the duration of one semester (October-March or April-September)
  • Newly enrolled students are allowed to use the ticket already in the month before the semester starts (March/September) on certain routes.
  • Costs: currently about 350 €  (Please note: You can download your semester ticket resp. receive your student ID only after your payment has hit the university account and you have proven adequate health insurance!

Valid for all busses, regional trains, trams and subways in the entire state of North Rhine-Westfalia. After successful enrollment, you will receive your student identification card at the beginning of the semester.

The student ID can also be used as library card, and allows you to register in the Notebook Café for access to the university IT offerings such as Wi-Fi. With your student ID you will also receive a student discount on food in the caferia/Mensa.

German Bank Account

We recommend to open a German bank account while you study in Paderborn, especially if you are from a Non-EU country. 

This is normally free of charge for students and will make it easier for you to process transactions, for example the monthly rental amount. Within the EU it is relatively unproblematic to transfer money from your home country account to Germany for a small transfer fee. The decision on whether to open a bank account lies in whichever approach works best for you.




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