Projects from Prof. Dr. Margit Rösler

Harmonic Analysis

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TRR 358 - Integral structures in geometry and representation theory

Integral structures arise in many places throughout mathematics: as lattices in Euclidean space, as integral models of reductive groups and algebraic schemes, or as integral representations of groups and associative algebras. Even questions about the most basic example of an integral structure, the ring of integers Z, very soon lead into the fields ...

Duration: 01/2022 - 12/2026

Funded by: DFG

Asymptotic analysis and the link to symmetric cones in Dunkl theory

This project is located in the area of harmonic analysis and special functions associated with root systems, with a focus on the interaction with the analysis on symmetric spaces. First, the interface of Dunkl theory and the analysis on symmetric cones shall be elaborated. This will continue a program recently started by the applicant, which is ...

Duration: 10/2021 - 09/2024

Funded by: DFG