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Information on how the Hochschulsport handles the Corona-Virus

[Last update 01.09.2020 - 15:07 Uhr]

[Last update: GTZ, sport grounds]

You can find the newest information on how we as the Hochschulsport Paderborn handle the Corona-Virus on this homepage. We update the information on a regualar basis as new information are released by the university or as the situation changes. Each update is indicated by date, time and the area in which the new information is available (as can be seen above).

Our service office ist closed for the time being. We are still there for your questions. Please contact us via mail shk-sport(at)zv.upb(dot)de

You can find more information on different parts of the Hochschulsports here: 

Course programme
  • Our courses during the period without lectures in the summer semester are being held online.
  • You can find all courses and the registration under sports programme.
  • The fee for each sports course is 5€.
  • To conduct the courses our trainers use the free tool WebEx.
  • Many more questions about the online programme are answered in our FAQ​​​​​​​. Maybe yours as well.
  • We are not able to offer courses in our gym SP1 (due to renovations) and SP2 (due to the gym being used as a lecture hall) before November.
GTZ (our Gym)
  • Our GTZ has reopened under new rules.
  • IMPORTANT: you can only train at the GTZ if you are a member and have booked a timeslot via our booking system.
  • You can find all information about the rules or the booking process here.
  • We only offer new registrations for the GTZ only via phone for the time being. To become a member please call us under +49 5251 60-5287. You can reach us on Mondays to Fridays between 10:00 and 12:00 to register.
Pausenexpress &
  • The Pausenexpress has started on the 27th July and is being held online via WebEx. But you can still join the sessions.
  • If you are five people or more, you can book a private session. Please sent an email to lisa . regarding that matter with all the details.
  • You can book the Pausenexpress as a student or employee of the Paderborn University.
  • You can find the Pausen-Yoga sessions from this semester online on the Video-platform of the University (you have to be logged in with your university account to be able to see the videos). We’ve got one available in English the other ones are conducted in German. In addition you can find the Sessions on Instagram IGTV (on the profile: hsp.paderborn).


Massages (for employees only)
  • Since the 06.07.2020 the mobile massage is offered again
  • You can find more information on that here.
  • Please note that all appointments have to be renewed. This includes all appointments made before the 06.07.2020 and appointments that used to be on a regular basis.
Sports Grounds
  • The sports grounds (the track and tennis courts) are usually opend from Mon- Fri. from 7:00 – 22:30 for individual sports practise. Please follow the rules of Coroanschutzverordnung. Our Teams is checking on a regular basis, if everyone is following the rules on the grounds.
  • The lawn and the sand court for beach volleyball remain closed.
  • After the works done to the lawn, the lawn needs to recover. We are not able to tell for how long. Therefore we cannot say when individual sports practice or Hochschulsport courses are allowed back on the lawn.
  • Not allowed is non-contact free sports and training as well as any form of competition.
  • You have to leave the premises immediately after your training.
  • The gyms SP1 and SP2 remain closed. Which means that neither employees nor students are allowed to use the facilities.
  • SP1 (due to renovations) and SP2 (due to the gym being used as a lecture hall) cannot be used before November.

You can find more information concerning COVID-19 from the executive board of the Paderborn University here

Hol dir den Hochschulsport nach Hause. Über die Seite des Allgemeinen Deutschen Hochschulsportverband (adh) bekommt ihr eine großes Sortiment an Online-Bewegungs- & Sportprogrammen für zu Hause.

AStA, mein, Gesunde Hochschule, Allgemeiner Deutscher Hochschulsportverband und viele mehr..

Alle wichtigen Formulare z.B. zur Abrechnungen oder Informationen für Kursleitenden findet ihr hier


Office Hours and Contacts

Mo-Fr 10-12 am by Call 60-5287

or in Person in SP2 1.229

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