Erasmus+ Mo­bil­ity with part­ner coun­tries

Key Action 171: Mobility of Individuals outside Europe

The new Erasmus+ programme from the European Union “Mobility with Partner Countries” (Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility), provides financial support for student exchanges (SMS) with selected non-European universities.

Partner Countries

Paderborn University has Erasmus+ partnerships with the following partner countries: Algeria, Bosnia and HerzegovinaCameroon, Israel, KenyaMorocco, Togo, and Tunisia. Incoming students from these universities can receive funding through Erasmus+.

Outgoing students from Paderborn University can receive an Erasmus+ grant for exchanges with the following universities:

  1. Algeria: Djillali Liabes University of Sidi Bel Abbes (only PHD,Chemistry)
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina: University of Sarjevo (Economics/Law)
  3. Bosnia and Herzegovina: University of Mostar (English Studies/American Studies)
  4. Cameroon: Université Yaoundé I (only PHD, German Studies)
  5. Israel: Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan close to Tel-Aviv (Philosophy)
  6. Kenya: Kenyatta University (only PHD, German Studies)
  7. Togo: Université de Lomé (only PHD, German Studies)
  8. Togo: Université de Kara (only PHD, German Studies)
  9. Morocco: Université Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah (only PHD, German Studies)
  10. Morocco: Université Mohammed V (only PHD, German Studies)
  11. Tunisia: Université de Carthage, Tunis (only PHD, German Studies)
  12. Tunisia: Université de la Manouba, close to Tunis (only PHD, German and Romance Studies)
  13. Tunisia: Université de Gabes (only PHD, German Studies)
  14. Tunisia: Université de Monastir (only PHD, German Studies)

Student Mobility Grants:

Sending country Destination

Grant amount

Germany Partner country 700 Euro per month
Partner country Germany 850 Euro per month

In addition to these monthly grant rates, travel costs will be subsidised according to the actual distance between the point of departure and the destination of the exchange.  Distances can be calculated using the distance calculator from the European Commission.

The programme can fund student exchanges lasting between minimum of 3 and maximum of 12 months per study cycle (bachelor, master, PhD).

Students with children or with disabilities can apply for additional special funding.


The application process for student exchanges with the universities above is the same as the regular application process for student exchanges with Paderborn University’s partner universities.  

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