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A book reading in auditorium G Show image information
Demonstration during a lecture in the “Audimax” Show image information
Studying in the O building Show image information
The foyer with the Service Center Show image information

A book reading in auditorium G

Photo: Paderborn University, Adelheid Rutenburges

Demonstration during a lecture in the “Audimax”

Photo: Paderborn University, Adelheid Rutenburges

Studying in the O building

Photo: Paderborn University, Adelheid Rutenburges

The foyer with the Service Center

Academic Prerequisites

University entrance qualification (e.g. school leaving certificate)

If you would like to study at Paderborn University, you need a university entrance qualification to German universities. This qualification must be proven by your educational documents.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to list all countries' admission requirements to German universities on this page. If you wish to find out the specific requirements that apply to your country, we recommend that you consult the Geman Embassy in your home country, the Goethe-Institut or the database of DAAD. However, the final decision about your eligibility will be made by the university.

Language Entry Requirements

Courses at Paderborn University are mainly offered in German language. However some of our Master Programs are completely conducted in English. For this International Master Programs German language proficiency is not required or only to a minor degree. Paderborn University offers you the chance to acquire necessary knowledge of the German language through German courses on site. Under the following link there are more particulars about the language entry requirements.

Entrance Exams

Except for the subjects Music, Arts and Sports there are no entrance exams. You can find more information here.

Programs with Admission Restriction ("Numerus clausus")

There are some courses where the number of applicants far outnumbers the available places. This means that only the applicants with the best grades will be accepted and these courses have an admission restriction (“Numerus Clausus”-courses). You can find a list of these programs here.

For admission to these degree programs, a certain grade point average is required. The International Office will convert your grade to the German grading system. This process is based on the Bavarian Formula.

Recognition of Previous Study Achievements

If you have already studied at one of your country’s universities, you may get credits from your exam results on your new course if it is academically matching your coursework. To transfer credits you should provide a transcript of records of all courses that you have taken during your studies up to now. Please note that your chances are the better the more detailed and complete your documentation is.

The Examination Board of your degree course will assess whether your previous study achievements can be accredited. The assessment can start only after we have received your documents at Paderborn. You will possibly be enrolled in the first semester, until your grades or detailed notes have been assessed by the examination board in charge. If you intend to start your studies in a higher semester from the very beginning, the recognition process must precede the enrollment.

Recognition of Bachelor Degrees

If you have already acquired a Bachelor degree in your home country, it might be possible for you to continue your studies in the same or in a related program. If the University of Paderborn offers a Master program in your field, you may directly apply and be admitted for the program, provided that the Examination Board recognizes your Bachelor’s degree as equivalent to the local one.

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